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Why an RV Rental will enhance your vacation

Consider an RV Rental for this summer’s vacation Starting out on a vacation in the comfort of one of many RV rentals that are available, with your friends or family is probably one of the most exciting ways of traveling.  Store your personal items in the closets, fill up the cupboards with food, load up the refrigerator and you are all … Continue reading

How do I connect to the internet when RVing?

High speed Internet for RVers Hi everyone, I recently received an email from a woman in Saskatchewan who was interested in learning how to have internet when RVing without having the cost of a satellite system. I quickly responded that I would do my best to find out the latest information on ensuring she had internet when on the road. … Continue reading

What are the risks to using Facebook for RVers

The second largest age group using the social networking site Facebook are 55+ years of age and many RVers fit into that group. It’s extremely popular for keeping in touch with family and friends and since most RVers travel with a laptop computer and internet connections are readily available Facebook is quite accessible.RoamingRV Facebook Page Anyone can set up a Facebook account as long as they have an internet connection and an email account.

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