Do you like to write? Are you an RVer? Do you have something to share about RVing in Canada? We would like you to send us your articles to be posted on this site.  Please read below to find out how.  We are very sorry, but there isn’t any compensation but we will post your byline and your URL back to your website.

  • Please check your punctuation, grammar, and spelling for glaring errors.  It doesn’t have to be perfect but easy to read.
  • Photos would be great but not necessary.  Please reduce them to small web format before sending them to us.

Who is our audience?

  • Many are Canadians or visitors to Canada.
  • They are looking for good quality information that will make their vacation memorable and helpful.
  • Many of our audience are full-time RVers or considering the full-time RV Lifestyle
  • Our audience also consists of families who enjoy their RV for recreational vacations
  • Our audience travel throughout Canada in motorhomes, pull type trailers and some are even in campers dreaming of having an RV.

What are we looking for?

  • Informative articles about interesting destinations – preferably in Canada
  • How to make money while on the road or self employment opportunities (NO MLM please)
  • Free or inexpensive camping locations
  • Helpful advice or information on anything related to RVing – ie communication, border crossings, communication, driving
  • How to save on travel expenses, budgeting, costs
  • Favourite camping spots
  • Cooking recipes

If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask – just because we haven’t thought of them doesn’t mean they aren’t needed.  We don’t guarantee we will publish your article but if the content is appropriate then we probably will.  However, we may edit it before it’s published but will ask you first and won’t make any changes without your permission. We prefer to receive your article as an attached Word document but will accept it pasted into an email or in Word Perfect. Please send your photos as an attachment also.  Send both to and put “RV Article Submission” in the subject line. Thank you.

Please note:  No affiliate links are allowed in our guest posts – only a link to YOUR RV Blog.  Thanks for your cooperation.