Everyone driving to Alaska must go through Canada.

There is absolutely no way to avoid traveling through Canada if you are traveling to Alaska, nor should you want to. Rather than hurry through slow down and enjoy the majestic scenery, historic sites and a multitude of attractions. Take the time to sample the well-known world famous wines, soak in a spring-fed hot pool, walk among the dinosaurs, ┬átake a sunset kayak tour, golf under the midnight sun in Northern Canada, or peer at the petroglyphs. If that isn’t enough to entice you to extend your trip to include enjoying Canada then maybe camping within Banff National Park or be impressed by the vibrant arts and cultural side Canada is well known for.

Travel through British Columbia or Alberta along the route to Alaska

USA Canada Border

Canada USA Border near Osoyoos, BC

No matter what part of the United States visitors are coming from they must go through Alberta or British Columbia on their route to Alaska. There are many official border crossings between the two countries and choosing which one to cross at will be determined by the route taken.

We will be putting together suggested routes with significant sites and things to do along the way so come back often as we add to this section of our blog.

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