RV Clubs for the Solo RVer

Thousands of single or Solo RVers travel North America each year and there are probably thousands more who would like to but don’t know how. Safety and loneliness are at the top of the list as to what may stop someone from getting into their RV and hitting the road by themselves. Although those are valid concerns and should be considered, they should not stop anyone. There are clubs and organizations available for all RVers, whether single or not, but the clubs specifically for solo RVers offer a network of support and information and worth considering.

SOLO RV clubs

http://www.lonersonwheels.com/ Has 50 Regional Chapters in the US and Canada. This club has been active since 1969 with rallies, campouts, caravanning and lots of support for its members. Membership is $45 US a year and you must be legally single. It appears their rules are very stringent and must be followed. They offer resources on camping, RV Parks, general RV information and support when needed.

http://www.escapees.com You must be a member of Escapees to join their very active solo group but for anyone who wants to connect with other active RVers this might be something to be considered.  Membership is $10 per year plus the cost of the Escapee membership. Their rallies and events take place all year long and in many parts of North America. 

http://www.rvingwomen.org This club has 16 chapters with women from both Canada and the US as members. It doesn’t matter whether you own an RV or are just dreaming of having one; this group offers support and friendship to its thousands of women members. Their activities are as varied as the members themselves. Membership cost is $45 per year with the first year having an additional $10. There are a mixture of prices depending upon whether two or more members of a household register.  The only stipulation is that you are female and over the age of 18.

http://www.rvsingles.org/ Wandering Individuals Inc. This is a network for younger, active RV owners who travel alone. Most are single but some are married with spouses who will not or cannot travel. They share a pool of knowledge and experience amongst its members. When you join you must be under the age of 70 but you can continue your membership as long as you like. Membership fees for Canadians are $73 a year.

RV Clubs

Don’t restrict yourself to just SOLO Clubs because you may find that other RVers with similar interests may provide you with companionship also. Look for groups or people who like to do some of the things you do such as hiking, biking, geocaching, photography or fishing and focus on the activities rather than whether they are traveling alone or not.

http://www.explorer-rvclub.com/index.html Explorer RV Club ~ Canadian

http://www.rvoabc.org/ RV Owners Association of British Columbia

http://www.goodsamclub.com/ Good Sam Club

http://www.escapees.com/ Escapees

http://www.fmca.com/ Family Motor Coach Association

RVing is for everyone – don’t stay home alone when there are hundreds of people out there who probably like doing some of the things you do – you just have to make an effort to find them.

Happy travels,


Carol Ann Quibell is an author, freelance writer and columnist who have been RVing or camping for most of her life. After a yearlong trip throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico in the 1990’s she was hooked on travel and is determined not to stop. She loves to share information with fellow RVers and promotes travelling, camping and RVing to everyone she can. Learn about her new book RVing for Canadians




RV Clubs for the Solo RVer — 18 Comments

  1. Hi.
    I’m a 52 year old retired straight female. I have been single for 18 years. I traveled in my job most of my life. Kids are gone now, I’m lonely,bored, and miss being out on the road exploring. Anyone out there seeking a travel companion? I’m friendly, kind, outgoing, honest, clean and easy to get along with. Thanks for reading!

  2. Margaret Lane on said:

    Hi Carol Ann. I’m a 72 year old woman and have been thinking about rving FT for a while and have bought a 1986 21 ft Dolphin. Never rv’d before and I’m really nervous about taking off alone and all the hassle of getting rid of stuff. I’m very healthy (thankfully) and people say I don’t look or act my age. I definitely think I can physically handle it and also mentally b/c I’m kind of a loner and like a certain amount of solitude. But I’m looking forward to meeting people. Still I’m hesitant. Any advice you would be appreciated! Thanks, Margaret

    • Hi Margaret,
      My apologies for the delay in responding. Your plans sound exciting and I think age is just a number! It’s all about how you feel and what you want to do. There are lots of women solo RVers on the road and I know if you reach out to some of the groups you will meet other like minded women. It may depend on where you are located if you wish to meet other locals but here’s a link I recently discovered for women RVers – https://www.sistersonthefly.com If you want to email me directly you can reach me at carolann@roamingrv.com – looking forward to hearing from you.
      Carol Ann

      • Margaret lane on said:

        Hi Carol Ann,

        Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve almost got everything taken care of in order to take off and I’m wondering what the heck I’m getting myself into! I will contact the groups you suggested. Thanks, Margaret

        • Glad to help – let me know how you make out. Would love to hear ore about groups for single RVers – more people are looking for them as well.

  3. Sue Camaraire on said:

    I am a widow who loves to travel. Have a 37′ RV and would like to find a compatible person to travel with. Love to play golf and visit national parks and enjoy the scenery in our beautiful country.

  4. Nadine Evans on said:

    Hi, my husband and I are planning a RV trip through the USA from eastern Canada and also want to explore Alaska. Once we come back down south from Alaska to Canada we will continue across Canada back to Eastern Canada. Are there any RV groups we can possibility hook up with as we believe in travelling in numbers for safety?

    • Lets’ post your request and see what we can come up with. I’ll let you know Nadine. Thanks for your email. 🙂

  5. Kelly Pringle on said:

    Hi, I,m a baby Snow Bird. I am ready for palm trees at Christmas. I’m a 55 year old woman & have been single now for 3 years after being married 25 yrs. I am ready to hit the road with someone & see & explore where ever the road takes us into the sun. I’m heterosexual so anyone the same would be a great companion & I’m retired so it’s time to relax &explore the next stage of life. My husband &I used to rent tv’s for holidays & loved it.

    • Jerry Westbrook on said:

      Hi Kelly, My name is Jerry and I’m 56. Like you I’ve been married for 16 years and have been single for 2 years now. I recently purchased a 36 Diesel Pusher and I’m ready to head for the sun, beaches palm trees and moonlight. I would be interested in talking with you. I’m shooting for a Christmas RV Adventure, and just maybe we could be the gifts that we both deserve! Let me know!
      Thank you, Jerry

  6. Shirley on said:

    I am a widow, I am an retired teacher with a masters degree, I am 60 and am planning on buying a small RV and heading east across Canada. I have a 13 year old dog who will accompany me. My boys are grown and have begun their careers. My husbands family are all in Nova Scotia.

    • Hi Shirley – Nice to hear from you. I love your plans and having your dog with you will be really good company. Stay in touch – would love o hear more about your trip.
      Carol Ann

  7. ms. quibel, im a 57 yr old retired school teacher.im puchasing a small camper big enough for me and my cairn terrier and pulling it behind my truck. i plan to camp in state parks across the USA. i have excitement and adventure in my veins, but i am also a little scared thinking about doing this alone. can you suggest some resources i can read that might offer some insights and comfort to me during my journey? many thank you’s.

    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your email! Your trip sounds wonderful. There are many women traveling solo and enjoying themselves immensely. Here’s a link to a website for women on the road – it might help.http://www.women-on-the-road.com and another Facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/RVQueens/. That will get you started. Plus I have articles on this website with info for solo traveler that you may find helpful.
      I look forward to hearing more about your travels.
      Carol Ann

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