RV Sales – when to buy some of those extra RV accessories!

There are sales on RVs and RV accessories happening right now. Camping World

Don’t you just love a sale? We all work hard for every little bit of money we make and to waste it unnecessarily is really not too smart. That’s why I love sales. In the late summer, I can usually find really good deals on summer clothes that I can wear next summer or be the perfect thing when I go on vacation to a warm country the next winter.

It is the same with winter clothes when I shop for them in the early spring when they are making room before bringing in the new summer clothing.

It is the same with other seasonal things like barbecues, lawn furniture, gardening tools, or even sports equipment. You can probably get a better deal on a boat or fishing equipment in the fall when people are putting their equipment into storage and may decide to sell it. Stores will also put these big ticket items at a reduced cost to clear the way for their winter stock.

Now is probably a really good time to stock up on some of your camping supplies, RV accessories and even things like bio-degradable toilet paper. I just received an email from CampingWorld.com and they are having a 40% off late summer sale and so thought I would pass on this information to you.

I had a quick look at some of the sales stock they have and one that I thought would be good is their anti-gravity lounger. This is definitely something I try and buy on sale.

Carol Ann Quibell

Save up to 40% at the CampingWorld.com Late Summer Sale!

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