RVers need exercise – Now!

I know you don’t want to hear it and it seems strange to have to say this but RVers need exercise.

How do I know RVers need exercise?

Because I am one of those people who sat in our fifth wheel all winter waiting for winter to be over. I did do a bit of walking – if you can call 30 minutes periodically around the neighbourhood, exercise. I also kept an eye out for some of my neighbours and very few of them were actually doing anything either. Yes, there were a few and I applaud them but for the rest of us I think it’s time we did something about it.  Read more….

Have arthritis? Here’s 5 Tips To Improve Mobility

I know that my body does not feel as good as it used to and arthritis is definitely part of the problem and unfortunately sitting in an RV for long hours while traveling does not help. So here are a few solutions I have come up with – I hope that other arthritis sufferers will find them helpful.  Read more…