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    Popular RV Gear

    There are some basic RV Gear that most RVers stock their RV with and then there are things that are more personal.

    Below is a list of some of the RV equipment we recently stocked our Class C with and I feel they are necessities – for us anyway. See what you think.

    I almost choked when I saw the price of this and questioned whether it was necessary.

    When I found out it could prevent having to rewire our whole motorhome I quickly saw the benefit even when I found out if there is a large surge and the protector is necessary – it’s a one time stop.

    So…. if your protector stops a major surge you will need to purchase another one to replace it. That hurt. But… then again really, how often does that happen if you use it correctly.

    We use the protector to check the electricity at the hookup location – if it looks good we then plug-in. If not, guess what – we now use our generator if necessary.

    When we purchased our Class C I decided it was important to have bedding that fit our bed instead of making do with what I could salvage from our house.

    I bought RV Queen sheets with 4 pillowcases, a memory foam mattress topper and a mattress cover. I didn’t spend a lot of money but it was important that everything fit – I am so glad I did.

    We do all of our cooking outdoors. Having the right equipment makes it a lot easier and the first things we added to our RV Gear was a Weber barbecue and we love it.

    We spent a little bit extra to get it but it is worth it. We also bought a griddle to go on it and even use it to cook pancakes!

    To protect it when we put it in the storage compartment we bought a cover for it. Well worth it.

    We have bought expensive stoves at different times during our years of camping and really as long as it is sturdy, has the features you need – it’s perfect.

    We have a coleman two burner with a griddle as an extra piece. We don’t have a bag for carrying it in but so far the box in came in seems to be lasting (3 years). Works for me.

    As I mentioned before we do all of our cooking outdoors so this is a necessity. However, we do use our barbecue as much as possible.

    Wow! Do I every like my Instant Pot. I think if you talk to most RVers who have one it’s become an essential appliance in their RV.

    This one appliance does so much – a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer. It’s so fast! I will never get rid of mine – it’s an essential appliance for me. 🙂

    What can I say? Nothing really, except they are important and we all need them. So get the sewer hose that work the best. 🙂

    Who doesn’t need a little extra space once in awhile. If you sit in one location for any length of time it’s pretty nice to have an add-a-room where you can sit out of the rain and sun, leave your shoes or set up an outdoor kitchen.

    I have written more about these here: Pros and Cons of having an add a room. Check it out – you may want to include it in your RV Gear essentials.

    The above links are our affiliate links with Amazon – not to worry though it doesn’t cost you any extra to purchase items through our links.

    We do get a very small (cents) amount which helps us keep this blog going. Thanks again.

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