Disabled RVer – modify your RV to fit


Active RVers don’t let their disability prevent them from traveling.  RVing is for everyone – including the disabled RVer.


Have special needs?  Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the RV lifestyle. Disabled RVerIt’s entirely possible to enjoy your time on the road in an RV, especially since it also allows a person with a handicap to travel in comfort and it can be extremely convenient. Everything you need is close at hand, and there’s no worry about having to stay in hotels or struggle with other methods of getting around.

People who must use a wheelchair or other types of equipment to allow them mobility still would like to RV and with a few modifications it’s entirely possible to accommodate them.

A few modifications  to the RV can make it more friendly for the disabled:

  • Installing wheelchair lifts or ramps for access
  • Installing handrails or bars where needed
  • Widened entrances and interior pathways
  • Lower kitchen counters and cabinets
  • Install roll-in showers
  • Adjust drivers / passenger compartment for disability

RV modifications for disabled

Most RV dealers can help with installing any of the equipment needed to make the RV more accessible and it will depend of the level of disability what exactly is needed.

I hear from people who have disabilities and are wanting to get back into their RV and sometimes it may seem insurmountable but sometimes with a few modifications in can be done and imagine how much better these people feel when they can get back on the road, whether its full time or just for a vacation.  It’s freedom!

Types of RVs for the Disabled RVer

Class A motorhome:  This can be a good option because once the person enters the RV there aren’t any stairs to climb and furniture can be adjusted and arranged to easily accommodate a wheel chair or other tools needed.

Class C motorhome: This may depend on the size of the unit and if there’s a bed at the rear of the RV. There is usually a bunk over the driver’s compartment that is not easily accessible even if you don’t have any disabilities.  These can be a bit cramped for a wheel chair but I guess nothing is impossible.

Travel Trailer:  Probably one of the easiest units to modify since there aren’t any stairs except the entrance which can be modified with a ramp or other tools to make it more accessible.

Fifth wheel:  Depending on the level of mobility this might not work since the stairs to get into the bedroom and bathroom might make it more difficult. Not impossible but will need more adjustments.

I realize not everyone can RV even though their heart tells them they want to. However if it’s possible to just make a few adjustments or change the type of RV you currently own to make it possible for an active disabled RVer to be more mobile then do it. There won’t be any regrets and think of how many more adventures may be possible.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann

3 thoughts on “Disabled RVer – modify your RV to fit”

  1. Jodie

    My spouse was recently disabled and is now in a wheelchair. We bought the perfect camper for us which has the sliding barn door bathroom and plenty of wheelchair space (which wasn’t a thought when we bought this a year ago). Now here we sit with a camper we can’t use because we can’t find anyone who will change the 24 inch door to a 30 modification so we can use a portable ramp to get his wheelchair in and out. Camper places don’t want to help us or tell us who does this. Where does the rest of the disabled world go to get this modification?

  2. Mary Schmitz, OTD, OT/L

    I’m completing my Executive Certificate in Home Modifications college course from USC. My final project is addressing RV accessibility. As noted in your article preceding, only generic statements exist “Installing handrails or bars…Lower kitchen counters and cabinets” without the specifics of how to get these modifications completed or by whom so that one can be confident that these modifications are up to any standards or are installed specific to the person that would benefit from it the most. No mention of the potential costs or how to access funding, especially if the RV becomes one’s permanent home. I am an occupational therapist exploring this specific need for modifications. More attention is needed for the appropriate modifications and resources created.

    1. Thanks for your comments Mary. You are correct – however my main goal is to let people know modifications can be made. Each individual’s needs should be researched and addressed. I can’t do that but I can promote those changes. Thanks for your message – appreciate it.

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