Coty Perry

Coty Perry loves helping people figure out how they can RV without breaking the bank and giving people helpful tips. Why are you giving advice on Roaming RV? RVing can seem like a travel strategy with a huge barrier of entry but it doesn't have to be that way. You can bootstrap RV travel too and I want to help people do that. Do you camp off grid or always have hookups? I've done both but honestly, I much prefer off grid camping. What is the most luxurious RV resort you've visited? I wouldn't exactly call it "luxurious" but the Sun in Wells Beach, Maine is pretty sweet! What is one piece of advice you'd give people that want to start RVing? Make sure you're at least mechanically aware of what can go wrong. My first east coast RV trip was rough because I didn't plan for all the mechanical issues I would experience.

Best RV Parks in Texas

My Best “Can’t Miss” RV Parks in Texas

After visiting multiple RV parks in Texas, it’s become very clear what travelers want as they pass through this beautiful state. Many visit to experience its breathtaking views, historic attractions, and culture. The best RV parks in Texas include great amenities, beautiful scenery, and family-friendly activities. Before choosing an RV park in Texas, consider what […]

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