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Campgrounds and RV Parks in Canada

How do I find a campground in Canada?

Where to start looking for a campground or RV Park in Canada?  There are tons of resources available but for those who maybe a guest in this country it may seem daunting.  Canada is a large but there are so many types of campgrounds that everyone should be able to find what they are looking for.

There is everything from extremely rustic to luxurious – there is a campsite for everyone who is looking for a campground in Canada.

Resources for Campgrounds &/or RV Parks in Canada

Camping Canada – a campground directory, review site, and member site. You don’t need to set up a membership to read the reviews but if you want to leave a review you will need to create an account. They have a search form that’s easy to use and you can specify what you are looking for and what region  and/or city you are needing to search.  Markers for search results are placed on a Google Map so you can get directions to the campgrounds.  They even have useful tips on RVing.  Good Resource!

Go Rving – They promote Rving in Canada as a lifestyle.  A resource for finding campgrounds, RV dealers, tips on Rving, renting RVs, and almost anything else you may need to RV in Canada.  They offer a trip planner so anyone can plan their route, choose where to camp and know what’s available in the area for recreation or entertainment.  Excellent Resource.

Parks Canada – these are Federal National Parks, historic sites and world heritage sites all managed by the Federal Government of Canada.  There are 10,000 campsites available with Parks Canada from the most basic too facilities with every amenty anyone might need or want.  Reservations are advised but depending on  whether it’s a remote area or a city site will make a difference as to how busy they are.  A search of each province and territory is on their website.  This is the best resource for Federal Parks.  Use their online reservation system or call 1-877-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783) Outside of North America: 519-826-5391

Canadian Camping and RV Council – this is a site for RV and Park owners but also a good resource of campgrounds and RV Parks.  They also refer back to GO Rving’s trip planner. Their members are private campground owners and Provincial Campground Owner’s Association and RVDA of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association.  So what does that mean for you?  A really good place to search for campgrounds by areas or if you know the name of the campground you can find their details.

AllStays – Over sixteen thousand campgrounds, state parks and r.v. parks. Free online guides to everything related to camping, Rving including WalMarts that allow over night parking, Costco, truck stops, free parking, all using an App that is super easy to use.  Highly recommend AllStays for both Canada and the United States.

Camping & RV BC – They list British Columbia campsites:

  • Provincial campgrounds (BC Parks)
  • Privately operated campgrounds and RV parks (including municipal campgrounds)
  • National campgrounds (Parks Canada)
  • Recreation Sites and Trails BC (operated by the provincial government)

Camping in Quebec -This site breaks down the Province of Quebec into regions (more manageable) and a person can find all kinds of camping or Rving locations.  They list private, provincial and federal parks.  Looks interesting – I haven’t used their site before but it seems to be quite good.

We Discover Canada -This is a great listing to find most of the parks in Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories. There are 42 National Parks in Canada and over one thousand Provincial and Territorial Parks. This is a Private Blog post I found very helpful.

I could go on forever listing each province individually with Provincial Campgrounds, private parks, etc but I believe the above resources will serve most peoples purpose – which is to find a campsite.

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