What are your favourite RV Gadgets & Accessories?


My RV Living Column is in the works, and I need your input please.

Do you have any RV gadgets, accessories or products you would recommend to your friends?

Once again looking for input from my RV friends – I am working on my next column for RVWest and it’s going to be about gadgets, accessories, products, etc. that RVers love, can’t live without, or wish they had.

Do you have any suggestions or favourite gadgets that you would like to share with me?  RV Accessories can make our lives easier, save us money, or be fun to use and there are so many I am not even aware of – that’s why I am asking for your input.

You can also email me at carolann@roamingrv.com if you want to have me call/email for more detailed descriptions.

Thanks everyone – looking forward to your suggestions. I will be sharing these with all of you in both my column with RVwest and here at RoamingRV.

Happy RVing

Carol Ann Quibell




PS:  One of my favourite places to shop for camping gear, RV accessories and products is Amazon. I love shopping online and having the items directly to me for free since I’m a Prime member.

2 thoughts on “What are your favourite RV Gadgets & Accessories?”

  1. Gene Doty

    TPMS I haven’t seen anything regarding Tire pressure monitoring which is something I would not go without regardless whether I am towing a toad or just driving my coach by alone.

    My apologies if you have mentioned this before and I haven’t just didn’t run across it thru all the wonderful items you have on this great website.

    Thank you for you hard work putting all this information in one location.

    I also recommend the Jack antenna. Love it.

    Central Vacuum system by Dirt Devil, Down fall for this is item, vacuum bags are rather expensive.

    I also recommend for us older adult to purchase a electric impact wrench (1/2 drive) to aid in removing tires in the event of an emergency as some of us may not be able to physically remove the lugs. I purchased mine at Northern Tools along with a set of impact sockets all for less then $80.00 and works great.

    CB Radio works great in the event of an emergency when out of cell phone range.


    1. Hi Gene,
      Nice to hear from you and really appreciate your input. That’s what this site is all about – sharing information for RVers. Thank you!

      Carol Ann

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