Driving in Mexico

Newcomers driving in Mexico should be aware of this:
Tyres camping in the desert

This is Mexico’s effort to control illegal activities.

1. DO be nice and friendly and smile!
2. Be aware that anything related to a gun is illegal in Mexico and you could lose your vehicle and be arrested if caught with any of these items.
3. DON’T drink the water or use the ice.
4. Watch the salads outside big hotels, they normally wash them with the regular water.
5. According to my doctor, one Pepto- Bismol tab per day can help fight Montezuma’s revenge.
6. DON’T underestimate the Pepper’s or Chiles, they’re extra hot and can hurt! 7.DON’T expect everyone to speak English and DON’T SAY Estupido, in Mexico it means more than stupid!
7. DON’T expect service standards to be just like back home and don’t expect the waiter to bring you the bill. Tipping in Mexico starts at 10%.

8. DON’T miss the local shopping specials and don’t take the first price offered, haggle friendly. DO carry small bills of both dollars and peso’s.
9. DON’T hail a taxi in all the large cities especially Mexico City, hotels screen taxies so go to any hotel to get the ride.
10. Watch you’re drinking, Tequila in Mexico has a lower octane level, don’t fall for those tourist tequila shots and stay away from drugs.
11. If you fill a legal medical prescription at a pharmacy in Mexico, it has to be your prescription and you can only purchase a 30 day supply. They might sell you more but it is illegal.
12. Watch out for the Timeshare Scams 14 DON’T expect to find toilet seats outside of tourist areas
13. DO be careful of the sun on day one and DON’T over-plan your vacation.

We always need to be aware of legalities in every country we visit so the above mentions are important for those who plan on driving in Mexico.
The above was courtesy of Mexico Insurance – good advice.

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