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RV caravan tours are not for everyone but even independent travelers who travel alone should consider taking a caravan tour which is an organized trip with a tour guide leading the way. Why would an experienced Rver want to connect with a guided tour?  It may be so they are more comfortable traveling to locations that they wouldn’t go to alone.  This may apply to Mexico or Central America where sometimes it is more comfortable to travel in a group with experienced guides who know the terrain, the language and give their group peace of mind in an unknown environment.

Details are taken care of by the caravan company because they know what is the best driving route, where the RV parks are located, what visas are required, know what side excursions are available, and offer companionship and security.  They take care of all reservations, organize special events, and educate their customers on required documents, local history, safety issues, and many provide emergency medical assistance insurance.
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Most RV caravans have a Wagonmaster who heads out first ensuring all reservations for RV Parks or excursions are ready for their customers when they arrive.  The RV owners are given advice as to what direction, the best route, sights to see along the way and given a suggested arrival time at that days destination.

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Following the group is a tail gunner who follows along to ensure anyone with any difficulty whether it is regarding breakdowns or accidents are given the services they need to continue with the tour.  The tail gunner is most often an experienced mechanic or Rver with tools and skills to assist as much as possible.  This ensures no one in the group is left sitting along a highway with a breakdown and not able to communicate their need to the group.

Price Includes

Of course each RV caravan tour company is different but for the most part RV Park fees and reservations are included in the tour price.  Some other features usually included are:

  • Trip logs (maps)
  • Services of Wagonmaster and Tailgunner
  • Emergency medical assistance insurance
  • Fees for border crossings and visas
  • Side excursions (pre-arranged)
  • Organized social hours at the end of each day
  • Trip preparation packet and check list

They do NOT include the cost of the RV if you are renting one, fuel, food and personal expenses.  When booking your trip ask questions and be sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

There are currently tours to almost every country in the world but most are located in North America, Mexico and Central America offering tours that meet most people’s interests.  Caravan tours are a great way for novice RVers to learn about Rving and determine if it is something they wish to continue either for vacations or fulltiming.  There are many RV rental companies such as RV Rentals / Motorhome Rentals from El Monte RVavailable who can provide a motorhome or other type of RV that can be used while on a RV tour.

Although we have not utilized the services of the following companies my research has indicated that they are reputable and reliable.  Do your own research also and see if they offer what you may be looking for.

Adventure Caravans – USA, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Overseas

Fantasy RV Tours – Alaska, USA,  Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Europe

Baja and Back RV Caravan Tours – Mexican Baja –  No longer in business

Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours – Mexican Baja

Happy travels,

Carol Ann

19 thoughts on “RV Caravan Tours”

  1. Joel Leibowitz

    how or where do I get information on renting a motorhome for a trial run for retirement and join a caravan for an initial experience

    1. Hi Joel,
      Thanks for your inquiry – here’s a link to a few articles I’ve written on renting an RV. I hope you find them helpful. If not, please email me again with specifics and I’ll do my best to help you.
      Renting an RV
      Carol Ann

  2. We are planning to travel to New Zealand to rent motorhomes with another couple in March 2016. Tracks to Adventure no longer seems to exist as a separate entity and that leaves only Fantasy, however their tour includes Australia, not a problem for us but our friends have not shown any interest in that part.

    Are you aware of any NZ only caravan packages offered there that we might look into. Web search is daunting as there are so many offers that it is confusing. As an alternative we might consider just doing it the way we travel the US – on our own.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Nice to hear from you. I am not aware of specific caravan companies in NZ but will see what I can come up with. Maybe one of our readers may be able to help us. Will let you know if I find anything.

    2. Alison

      Paul, my husband and I rented RV’s in New Zealand for 6 weeks and traveled both islands on our own. Even though we had never experienced a motorhome before, we found it very delightful. The people there are so very friendly and helpful, and we felt very safe. I had written an extensive blog on the journey if you care to read it Click the Tab on New Zealand 2009, then Click on the down arrows on the right, and read the blog from the bottom up. ( The blog is posted most recent entries on top ). Don’t be afraid to do this on your own.

      1. Hi Alison,

        Are you still traveling? If you are interested in writing a post about your travels I may post it on my blog with a link within your bio to your own blog. If interested let me know. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the information Paul,
      I would be interested in learning more about your tours – why don’t you put together something telling us about Mexico and we can share it with those readers who are interested in learning more.
      To everyone, I have not participated or have any affiliation with this tour group but am willing to learn more. Anyone else?

  3. First of all, Baja & Back is now out of business. Barry Monkman tragically died of a heart attack, & his wife, Vonda, decided not to carry on.

    This spring a new company is doing a 71 day tour of Mexico’s west coast as far as Puerto Vallarta. It includes tours of Copper Canyon & much more. Starts Jan 12, 2013. See The caravan will be escorted by The Green Angels and led by an experienced Wagon Master couple. Since this is the first trip for this company (They have organized caravans in Quebec for 25 years), the price is only $3350 per rig, about 1/2 the cost of other competitors.

    1. Thanks for the update Paul. I knew that Barry had passed away and am really sorry for his wife and family. I will remove their link from my list since Vonda has decided not to continue with the business.

      Thanks for the link to your site – I have no problem sharing it with my readers. Good luck with it and please keep in touch and let us know how it is doing.

      1. Yes it was a shock, Vonda & I grew up in the same small town in northern BC (Smithers) and I knew both of them well.

  4. Gloria Macdonald

    Do you have a catalogue of the travels planned for the next few years.
    If so I would like to have one mailed to me.

    Gloria Macdonald
    4842 Highway 215,R.R.# 1,
    Noel, Nova Scotia,
    B0N 2C0.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Not sure if I understand your request but I am a travel writer and not an agency. If you are interested in learning more about my travels or the RV Lifestyle please sign up on the right hand side of the home page on my site and I will definitely keep you up to date on whats happening. Sorry I can’t help you more than that. Happy travels, Carol Ann or visit my other travel site –

      1. Gloria Macdonald

        Carol Ann

        Sorry I missed read your article and thought you offered catalogues.

        Have you ever visited eastern Canada in the Atlantic Provinces in particular Nova Scotia.

        I know the folks at Adventure Caravan-Ron and Juanita Khon-the owners.They do a beautiful
        job of advertising the Atlantic Provinces with their tours.

        Everyone in this area of Canada are always welcoming to those folks and any others that visit.

        In this area in particular there is a new campground coming to life -Parkville Campground,Noel,
        Nova Scotia-with very enthusiastic young owners.I am trying to spread the word and be of any
        assisstance that is possible.

        Happy Travelling

  5. Sheryl Axelrod

    Appreciate your response. Have been traveling the loop this summer and are gathering a lot of good information for the benefit of the RVers joining our caravans. Have signed up to follow your tweets and will continue to follow the website as you provide insightful information.

  6. Sheryl Axelrod

    We are a new RV company. This summer we are traveling our proposed route, lining up campgrounds, activities and adventures. In other words, putting together our package. As our website says, we will be covering a specific route in the southern Colorado Rockies and are only interested in small caravans so more personal attention. We will be offering our tours starting in May 2012 and hope to run 5 tours a season.

    Think you sum up RV caravan touring perfectly. These are the things we hope our customers realize are important. Can you offer any ideas for marketing or any general suggestions?

    1. Thanks Sheryl, I visited your site and your caravans definitely sound interesting. I like the idea of smaller caravans for some because of the personal attention and there are people who are more comfortable in a smaller group. Good luck with your new company – I look forward to hearing from you again. Please feel free to sign up for new updates on my blog – I try and update it often and will be putting out a newsletter in the near future.

      Carol Ann

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