Travel to Canada in an RV

RVing in Canada

Travel to Canada and Bring your RV

List of helpful information to make your journey safe, fun and interesting.

Map of Canada

Many visitors to Canada travel here in their RV or rent an RV to roam across the country comfortably.

Travel to Canada and enjoy different cultural experiences, attend events that may include a stampede, a winter carnival or a jazz festival.  The scenery will take your breath away and the people will make you welcome.  Each of the 10 provinces is unique and offers something special to its visitors. The Yukon and Northwest Territories are exceptional and the best way to explore them is definitely from the front seat of an RV.

Campgrounds / Parks in Canada

fishing in CanadaThere are many national parks, provincial parks and private campgrounds in Canada to choose from and camping spots may vary from the very basic and rustic wilderness site to one that is in an ultra posh resort with every amenity you can think you need or want. Visit Campgrounds of Canada (it’s free)

Highways / Roads in Canada

Highways are well maintained and well marked.  Maps are available at most service stations and most towns and cities have a tourist information centre that will provide you with information about campgrounds, shopping, and local events.

Canadian Weather

The weather varies depending upon the area and time of the year you visit.  Most RVers travel to Canada in the spring, summer and fall.  However, in some parts of the country, specifically the south coast of BC many RVers spend the winter enjoying the temperate climate.

Shopping in Canada

Shopping is available everywhere and most products that are found in the United States are also found in Canada.  The currency is the Canadian dollar and most merchants will exchange foreign monies at that days rate but it is advised that you visit a local bank to get the best rates or use an ATM machine, which you will find absolutely everywhere.

Wi-Fi in Canada

Wi-Fi is easy to find, especially in RV Parks, coffee shops, libraries or hotspots around the country.

Canada is Big!

Canadian RodeosMost visitors who travel to Canada are surprised as to its vastness so do some research before you come so you don’t encounter any nasty surprises as to how many miles it is between locations.  Canada is diversified in its culture, history and geography and welcomes thousands of visitors each year and RVers will find it very easy to find their way around.

Travel to Canada Resources:

British Columbia Provincial Parks: BC Tourist Office: Alberta Tourist Office: Alberta: Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Tourism: Manitoba Tourist Office: Manitoba Provincial Parks: Ontario Tourist Office: Ontario Provincial Parks: Quebec Tourist Office: Quebec Provincial Parks: New Brunswick Tourist Office: Nova Scotia Tourist Office: Nova Scotia Provincial Parks: Prince Edward Island Tourist Office: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourist Office: Newfoundland & Labrador Provincial Parks:

Northwest Territories Parks: Happy travels,

2 thoughts on “Travel to Canada in an RV”

  1. John & Brenda Payne

    We are full time RV’rs this is the 4th year workamping. One thing to remember when workamping you are not covered by any insurance or workers conp like in Canada and some will ask you to singe off and you will be responsible for your self and property. you may be handy with electrical but your not covered.
    dry roads
    John & Brenda

    1. Interesting. I actually hadn’t thought of that – assumed you would be covered. Are you American workampers?

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