Why should we RV in Mexico? Help please!

RV in Mexico! Why?  Why not?

Around 12 years ago we drove down the Gulf of Mexcio, across the isthmus and up the Pacific side – all safe and sound with a lot of interesting experiences.  I loved it!  However, I have not had a chance to get back there in an RV and am really interested in learning from others how they feel about RVing in Mexico in the present time. 

We hear horror stories about hijackings, murders, road blocks, etc. and of course these are happening but there are safe areas of Mexico and that’s what I want to find out about.

  • If you RV to Mexico each year or drive your car down there from Canada I want to hear from you!  I wish to dispel some of the myths that are spreading like wild fire and let people know what they can really expect.  I would like to provide good quality information to first timers and so would like to hear from you and learn about your experiences. 

I absolutely love Mexcio and the rest of Central America and do not have blinders on that it is all perfect but then what is?  Mostly common sense should eliminate most of people’s problems but sometimes it does happen that we may be in the wrong place at the wrong time – but that can happen anywhere!  Even here in Canada.

Tope 10 locations to RV in Mexico

  • What are your favourite places to travel to in Mexico?  Why?  What draws you there? 
  • Do you prefer the Bahia? Mainland? Pacific side?  Gulf of Mexico?  Why?

If you would like to talk about this more please email me at carolann@roamingrv.com – I would love to hear from you and get your input since I am writing a number of articles on assignment on this topic.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell


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