virtual healthcare; virtual health care

Why Virtual Healthcare is essential for RVers.

virtual healthcare; virtual health care

You’re camping… 

Your asthma has been bothering you for the past couple of days and it’s getting to the point where maybe…  you need to see a doctor.

You’ve been putting it off for awhile because – you’re 500 miles from home and sitting alongside a beautiful lake and the fish have been biting!

You definitely don’t want to go home yet – there’s another week left on your campground reservation.

You most definitely don’t want to go into town and sit in the emergency ward at the local hospital.

Walk in clinics don’t appeal either. 

Oh, and by the way it’s 7:00 pm at night.  Why do things happen when everything is closed?

There’s an easy solution – although you may not think so as your wheezing and suffering from your asthmatic symptoms. The solution is also available 24/7 – perfect for those late night concerns.

Table of Contents

  1.  What’s the solution to overcrowded waiting rooms and long wait periods for Doctor’s appointments?
  2. How does Virtual Healthcare work?
  3. What illnesses can a Virtual Doctor treat?
  4. How can Virtual Healthcare benefit you – the RVer?
  5. How much does Virtual Healthcare cost?
  6. What’s the reason reason RVers should choose Virtual Healthcare?

What's the solution to overcrowded waiting rooms and long wait periods for Doctor's appointments?

The solution…?  

First, I’ll ask – do you have a smart phone, an iPad or a computer?  

If the answer is yes to at least one – then you’re all set.

One very important item has been brought to my attention recently, due to the COVID19 we have all been dealing with – in our own ways.  Many of us have gotten very good at ordering anything we need online – whether it’s groceries, prescriptions, clothing, services, and most importantly – why not healthcare?

Virtual healthcare – or as sometimes called ‘telemedicine’  is when you connect with a doctor over the phone or internet, using video, text or audio, rather than in person. It’s the solution to overcrowded waiting rooms, long waits for doctor’s appointments and inconvenience of having to travel long distances. 

You can speak with a doctor – even from your RV while sitting alongside a beautiful lake. It’s really simple – using an online provider (with an app). 

In Canada, the one provider that stands out to me is Maple.

It’s specifically for Canadians and their doctor’s and therapists are licensed and practicing right here in Canada. It’s a virtual healthcare platform where you can speak with doctors, through text or video, receive a diagnosis and a prescription. 

In the USA there are many choices – so I suggest you shop around and do some comparison shopping.

“How does it work?” – you ask.

How does Virtual Healthcare work?

We all know what a typical doctor – patient visit usually entails. 


Imagine you’re sitting across from your doctor, describing your symptoms.

Your doctor asks relevant questions and you respond as needed.

The doctor gives you a diagnosis and tells you the best treatment plan.

The doctor may prescribe medication.

You then leave the doctor’s office, go to the drug store and pick up your prescription and head home.

So… what’s different about this compared to a virtual doctor – patient visit?  

Rather than leave the doctor’s office – you reach over and turn off your computer or phone. That’s it.  

A prescription will be forwarded to a pharmacy of your choice or it can even be delivered right to you.

Really no difference, except you didn’t have to drive 2 hours to get there. You didn’t have to wait weeks to have an appointment and you were able to visit with the doctor on your schedule. 

You may or may not have to pick up your prescription – if you’re using Maple you can probably have it delivered right to your door.

virtual healthcare

What illnesses can a Virtual Doctor treat?

I’m most familiar with Maple, so let’s start there.

Maple doctors can treat many conditions online including bladder infections, UTIs, cold & flu, eye infections, sexual health issues including ED, vomiting, diarrhea, skin issues and more.

And if that’s not enough here’s a few more. 

Acne, Allergies, Asthma, Bites and stings, body aches, bronchitis, cold, dehydration, skin and hair concerns, earaches, fever, flu, headaches, and the list goes on.

In need of a therapist or specialist?  There are licensed and working professionals available via virtual consultations as well.

How can Virtual Healthcare benefit you - the Rver?

My doctor is 2 hours away and appointments have to be made 2 weeks in advance.  My husband’s doctor is 3 hours away in a totally different direction.  Unless it’s something serious we don’t like to make appointments and we put off seeing a doctor sometimes when we shouldn’t.  

It’s almost impossible to get into a walk-in clinic in my area and if we are able to – it means sitting in a waiting room for up to 8 hours before seeing anyone.  

That’s really no different than if you’re traveling and you need to speak with a doctor.  It’s just so much easier to use an app on your phone or computer, request a consultation and speak to a Doctor right away.  

For Canadians using an app such as Maple’s,  you have access to a General Practitioner nationwide.  So, what that means if you’re traveling anywhere in Canada you can use their service anytime and anywhere, 24/7.  Unfortunately, it’s not available for Canadians if they are out of the country and as to those American providers it’s best if you speak with them directly.  I am going to assume it will only be in your own country as well.

Seeking a specialist?  That may take longer – a day or two but it’s entirely possible – rather than waiting months to get into a specialist office. 

Due to the COVID19 this year, my best guess is we will all be sticking closer to home – getting to know our own areas and Rving in our own countries.  Why not have the added security of having access to virtual healthcare? 

How much does Virtual Healthcare cost?

Yes, there is a cost – but for ease of use it’s not that expensive.  For Maple’s prices check here.  Then shop around, compare different providers, both in the United States and Canada.  

Some online medical consultants and memberships are covered under many existing private healthcare plans.  If you’re a British Columbia resident it’s possible to connect with doctors online for medical care and treatment and MSP will cover your video visit with Maple’s online General Practitioner.

What's the real reason RVers should choose Virtual Healthcare?

Peace of mind – that’s my first thought.  

Second, ease of use – below is an actual breakdown of what happens using Maple as a sample.

1.  Log in – the app uses your location to connect you with a doctor (remember you’re out fishing and not at home)

2.  You describe your symptoms

3.  The app will connect you with a local doctor within minutes

4.  Depending upon the Doctor’s decision you receive a diagnosis and treatment plan.

5.  Reassured, you arrange to pick up your prescription and go back to fishing.

How much more simple can it really be?  

What really happens when you use virtual health care?  

You receive high quality health care – virtually from anywhere.

virtual healthcare

Disclosure:  I am an affiliate of Maple but I can assure you I only recommend products or services I truly believe in.  


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  1. Great health tips while travelling.Thank you so much for putting these together. It will be a great source of information for the people who are looking for it.

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