Wintering in your RV is possible!

There is no reason to think you won’t be cozy and warm if you decide to spend this winter in your RV and it doesn’t take a lot of preparation. A few things can be done to make you very comfortable since we have done it and survived I’m sure you can too.

Storing an RV for the winter.

Skirting / heat tapes / insulating foam tubes

It depends on the park because some won’t allow skirting but to keep the wind and cold out from underneath your RV sometimes skirting is necessary. Whether use vinyl or an insulated wood frame you should have something to help keep the plumbing and floors from freezing. Having a trouble light or open light bulb burning will surprise you as to how effective they can be.

Cover any exposed plumbing and insulate everything except your sewer hose, even the interior plumbing should be wrapped because the cupboards can get very cold if the doors are closed.

Gray and black tanks

Keep these valves closed and only drain when they are full—a difficult lesson I learned many years ago and wasn’t much fun. Remove the plastic sewer hose and replace with PVC pipe at an angle so it will drain well.


When the ground thaws your tires might sink into the ground and that’s not something you want so put planks or blocks under them to prevent it from happening.


Condensation forms on the windows and walls quite easily and can be a serious problem. Sometimes dehumidifiers are necessary and opening a vent to circulate the air is a good idea – the bathroom vent might be the best choice. Having another form of heating might be an option, such as a ceramic heater but if your electricity isn’t included in your pad rent it could get expensive.


Using regular propane bottles are a pain because you may need to fill them every couple of days if you’re heating your unit with propane. Consider purchasing a large propane tank that won’t be needed to be filled as often, especially if propane is delivered right to your site.

Catalytic heater

These may be illegal in your area so check with a reputable RV dealer before installing one in your unit but be careful to make sure your RV is vented.
Storm windows

Keeping the heat inside is much easier if your windows are double-paned or if you have storm windows. If not, keeping the curtains or blinds closed will help.

Snow shovel and broom

 Don’t panic! Almost every area will get snow at some time during the winter and its impossible to avoid it completely so a broom is handy to remove snow from your roof and the shovel is for your walkway.

There is no reason why you can’t winter in your RV is most areas and be comfortable. Just take a few precautions and preparations in advance and you should be just fine. However, I do remember one night when the propane ran out and the furnace went out and the little ceramic heater was doing its best to warm up the trailer.  I think I piled on every blanket I could find that night! Yes wintering in your RV is possible.

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    1. Hi Deb,

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and your very nice comments – it’s a work in progress! I am very happy to connect with other Canadian RVers and of course you can add a link to my site. Appreciate it actually – thank you. Your link will be added to this comment so hope it helps you as well. I just recently have got involved in RVillage and really like what I have seen so far. Let’s keep in touch!
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