Campground Operators

Campground Operators manage all aspects of private or public campgrounds in a safe and professional manner. The duties of a Campground Operator are diverse, requiring both people and mechanical skills. Much of the work is outdoors and the seasonal nature of most campgrounds generally allows for different opportunities during the off season. Some operators take the winter off, some have a different winter career, and still others continue to operate their campgrounds throughout the winter season.

Campground Operator


Offer tourism information and promote local area
Maintain and repair facility, equipment and supplies
Respond to enquiries and solve problems
Oversee operation of retail outlets
Manage human resource functions, such as hiring and training staff
Use business management skills
Use sales and marketing skills
Complete financial management tasks, such as managing payroll and cash flow
Use administrative skills
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Experience in tourism is an asset
Knowledge or previous experience in physical plant maintenance and of campground operations is an asset
Customer service skills are required
Knowledge of the local area, region and tourism industry are generally requirements
Marketing and promotional skills are required
Human resource management skills
Financial management skills
Good communication skills
Risk management skills and organizational skills are an asset
Ability to speak a second language is an asset
Post-secondary programs in tourism or business are usually required
National occupational certification as a Campground Operator is an asset
First aid is a requirement
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a requirement
Possible Future Career Paths:
Manager of Chain
Resort Manager


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