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Why you shouldn’t wait to live your dream of full-time RVing


Dont wait for a life-changing event to happen before…

you live your dream of full-time RVing.


How many of you have had dreams of RVing and tell yourself “someday” we are going to … or someday we are going to travel to … or someday we are going to buy a… and someday we will go south every winter… or someday we will …Membership Camping

It doesn’t matter what your dreams are – they are yours and are important to you. So, when do you plan on fulfilling them – someday? Did you know for some people someday never come? Life seems to get in the way of our dreams and one day we wake up, look around us and realize it’s too late.


It could be too late for a number of reasons whether it’s poor health, age, finances, family commitments or something else restricting us from fulfilling our dream. So what is stopping you from full-filling your dreams?

Second hand RV

Rather than purchase a second hand RV and start travelling were you waiting to buy a big motorhome someday? Think of all the fun you missed while you waited. That big expensive motorhome may always be out of reach and never possible to have and that used class C you compromised for could end up giving you memories that are unforgettable.

 How to make up for a low budget

Living or traveling the RV Lifestyle does not need to be expensive, nor does it have to wait for someday. It’s the journey and the experiences encountered while RVing that are important and what creates memories. Not the RV itself. So don’t wait – get started living your dream today – waiting for tomorrow may be too late. Boon docking saves money as well as eating at home and not in restaurants.  There are hundreds of ways of saying money and not having to live extravagantly.

Get to know each other again

We sometimes fill up our time with doing things where others entertain us – such as going to the movies, a theatre show, or spending time with other people. Yes, it’s all important but when the budget is low a game of cards over a picnic table in your favourite campground may surprise you as to how much fun you might have. It doesn’t cost anything and it gets communication going between the two of you. Who knows where the discussion may lead.

Five years ago we were full-time RVing (but not traveling a lot) but my husband was not comfortable with the lifestyle. He thought he needed a house, a full-time job to pay for it and all the toys and tools to keep it maintained. Now five years later, we realize time is running out for us – he is getting to an age where he may not be able to get travel insurance, his health may not be as good as we had hoped and he is more fearful of trying new adventures. It will be a waste of five years if we don’t get to travel and explore where we always have talked about. It’s time to sell the house! Don’t give up on your dream of full-time RVing too – you may never get the chance.

 I would love to hear about your dreams, what they are and have you been able to full-fill them.

Until next time,

Carol Ann

4 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t wait to live your dream of full-time RVing”

  1. Paula jones

    very informative….thank you…am 66 and keeping waiting for that sign….lol…was curious….with pets on the road….how hard is it ti find vets and then if ine were to pass away….?….i have mine cremated and the ashes returned….how would one do that “on the road”?

    1. Hi Paula,

      Thanks for the email. I understand your concerns and believe that in most communities there are reliable vets who can assist you and will take care of cremation needs. There shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t wait for your “sign” too long – it’s important to do things that are important. Take care.

  2. It looks like you have some great information on your site. I will admit that in our 30 plus years together my husband and I have done very little camping/RV living. Just a personal choice. For those who love it it looks like you have fabulous tips to share.

    1. Thanks for your support Sue. We were full-timers for a few years, and then went back to a house, thinking it was something we should do. But… our house is up for sale and we can hardly wait to get back on the road. I like your blog as well and will be watching for your new posts. Take care.

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