Full-time RVers learn lessons on the Road


I think the first lesson I learned as a full-time RVer was there is an unlimited amount of things to see and do and if we don’t get started we’re going to miss most of it. But also not be in such a big hurry that I’ll miss a lot along the way.

I receive a lot of questions about the RV Lifestyle which I really appreciate because those emails and messages tell me what information you need but it also sends me a signal that we are all different and our needs and wants are all different. What’s right for one is not right for another. The lessons I learned on the road may not be the lessons you learned nor need.

Be open to new adventures

I really believe full-time RVers are mostly open to new adventures or they wouldn’t be traveling and living in their RVs. However, they may still be staying in their comfort zone and not stretch those boundaries a bit to even expand their experiences.

Many years ago I was in Pennsylvania and the plan was to stop at a campsite overnight and move on in the morning. A couple parked a couple sites down saw our license plate was from British Columbia and without any further discussion said, “Stick around – we would love to show you this area.” We booked in for a week and had an adventure I could never have imagined. They became friends we kept in touch with for many years.

Trying something new doesn’t have to be scary. There are many who would like to travel into Canada or vice versa travel to the US or Mexico but the fear of the unknown stops them. Why? Because they don’t know what to expect and they have heard stories from others who had bad experiences. Don’t let those stop you from doing something you really want to do. If you would like to RV into Canada – do your research and you’ll find it’s not that difficult and the benefits will be rewarding.

Canada/US border – near Vancouver, BC

Be prepared for the unexpected

There’s always something unforseen that happens when we least expect it. A flat tire, an illness, an accident are some of the negative things that could happen unexpectedly but what about the good things? We may find a hidden gem just around the corner that we never knew was there. It could be a beautiful piece of scenery, a festival, a great golf course, or a quaint little town is just waiting to be explored.

An unexpected hike led us to this beautiful waterfalls

How do we handle those unexpected events?

Plan for them. How can we plan for things we don’t know are going to happen? For emergencies we can have an emergency fund that can be accessed if we need it. Put a few dollars away that can be drawn on if your rig breaks down, or some other emergency happens. Knowing there’s an emergency fund available can make you relax and not worry needlessly.

As to other unexpected events – don’t be too rigid in your travel plans. Be open to taking a left turn when you had planned on going right. That left turn may be something memorable that can influence your future.

Slow down – there’s no hurry

It’s so easy to try and see everything and experience as much as possible when we first hit the road. It’s impossible – don’t even try. This is a lifestyle, not a vacation. You have time. Most full-time RVers quickly learn that it’s better if they take their time and slow down. That’s definitely a lesson most of us share.

What lessons have you learned on the road?

I would love to hear from you as to some of the lesson you learned and would like to share.

Safe travels,


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