Full-time RVers – How many have regrets?


Full-time RVing doesn't work for everyone!

Why do people choose to live and travel in an RV full-time?

  • They have the freedom to go whenever and wherever they want to go.
  • They untangle themselves from all the trappings of a “normal” living arrangement.

Why do people choose to live full-time in a regular house?

  • I believe it’s all about comfort and security and they think it’s what they should do.
  • I have heard others say it’s a trade-off between comfort and freedom and I agree.

Living in a house

is your home safe?Living in a house is comfortable with all its amenities, lots of room for all of the stuff a person wants, a permanent address and neighbours they are comfortable with.

However, the cost of the house and it’s ‘amenities and stuff’ may prevent the people living there from having the freedom to come and go as they would like and stops them from traveling.

Having a home may include a high mortgage, utilities, taxes, maintenance and the need for a permanent job to pay for it all.

Most times there isn’t any extra money left over for the things we dream of doing.

Full-time in an RV

Living in an RV is all about having the freedom to keep moving, enjoying new experiences and meeting new people.

Since RVs are much smaller than most homes there isn’t any room for excess baggage and the contents have to be kept under control due to space and weight.

People sometimes talk about the sense of relief they felt after letting go of all the needless belongings they kept for so many years without truly wanting them.Frank & Nita Thompson

Why are you working?

  • What are you working for?
  • Are you happy or think this is what you need to do?
  • Do you really need a million dollars in order to retire?

The choice of lifestyle will determine how much money you really need. It’s a trade-off and each person decides for themselves what is important – comfort or freedom?

I choose freedom

I get bored easily and I get itchy feet to keep moving.

Yes, having a home is nice but not at the expense of not being able to travel.

For myself it’s not worth it.

But… that isn’t the same for other people I know – they need the security of having a permanent roof over their head and having their collection of belongings around them.

What if it’s too late?

How many people do you know who worked all of their lives to save money for their retirement and then find they are either too old to enjoy themselves or their health prevents them from doing the things they have always wanted to do?

I know quite a few who passed away in their fifties and sixties without getting to enjoy the freedom of retirement.

I wonder if I had a chance to ask them now what choices they would have made differently if they had known their lives were going to be cut short?

I question as well whether we really need all of those “things” we work so hard for.

How much does the RV need to cost?

The next thing is the cost or size of the RV. Some people say they can’t afford the RV they really want so they stay at home instead of compromising.

Full-time RVing is not about the RV.

It’s what living in an RV can do for you.

It gives you the freedom to keep moving and enjoying yourself and I really believe it can be done in a big motorhome or a small trailer.

It’s the journey not the destination.

Okay I am partial to being able to travel and don’t need all those expensive toys – and yes they are nice to have but I don’t “need” them.

We have become a very transient society anyway and with modern technology it is extremely easy to stay in touch and take care of our personal obligations.

It’s all about choices.

Full-time RVing is a lifestyle choice and although I think it’s fantastic there are definitely a few who don’t agree with me.

That’s okay – what may be right for me does not have to be right for them.

That’s why we have choices. What’s yours?

I hope I have given a few people something to think about and maybe help them make a decision that’s right for them.

 Snapshot_20140618_5Happy travels,

Carol Ann

PS:  If you are thinking of purchasing a second hand RV and are worried about what to look for then read this to help you.

4 thoughts on “Full-time RVers – How many have regrets?”

  1. Dawe Nelson

    Hi Carol,
    Initially, when I first purchased and moved into my RV, I didn’t have any other options. It was do this or live in the cars. This after working my little honey off since I turned 16, and I’m 42 now. I live in a long term RV park and haven’t moved my unit in almost a year. I have decided to make this way of life permanent, and have 3 young adult children who are also seriously considering doing the same, as well as their partners. They have seen how hard I work, watched me stumble and fall repeatedly, and watched me pick myself back up only to stumble and fall again and again. This way of life, at my income level is pretty much the only way I’ll ever be able to have something that is completely my own, and completely attainable, on my own, by myself. I say all of this though, in the most positive light. This has taught me what is truly important in life, and it has nothing to do with whatstuff that you have. My RV, is a permanent roof over my head, and I can take that roof with me anywhere that I choose to go. My current unit is 31 years old, and in remarkable shape for its age. I plan to upgrade in two steps, and my boys expect me to pass the older units on to them, for them to restore and use. Eventually, we all want to buy a piece of property together. My youngest says he’ll live in his RV and build a tiny home. I’m sure some plans will change as time goes by, but in the meantime this works great for me. I can afford my space rent and utilities, they’re about a third of what I was paying for a crappy apartment.My only regret is that I didn’t learn about this option sooner, I feel like I wasted so much of my life chasing after the things expected by society.

    1. Thank you so much for contacting me and telling us your story. I admire people like yourselves who continue to be positive even though things don’t always work the way you want them to. You are right – many of us do chase things that we “think” we need rather than what we really do need. I wish you and your family well and hope one day you are able to get a piece of property to live on. Take care.
      Carol Ann

  2. Hey Carol, just stumbled upon your site! Love this post! My boyfriend and I just recently when to full-time RV living (after building a tiny home got put on hold) we’re only 26 and 35 which I think is rare in the full-time RV community , but is becoming more popular! I have my own blog as well http://laurenjadelately.com where I talk about our experiences and other things regarding a simpler life. Love seeing people supporting this alternative way of living! Let me know if you ever need a guest poster! I’d love to contribute my thoughts!

    Lauren Jade
    Lauren Jade Lately
    Simplify Life, Maximize Happiness

    1. Hi Lauren! You are absolutely right – for the most part those choosing the RV lifestyle tend to be a bit older but you might be surprised as to how many younger people are getting involved. I had a look at your blog which looks really great – I have been following the “tiny Home” explosion as well which is really interesting. For us I like the RVs but can see the appeal of the tiny houses. Welcome to RV living!

      Yes by all means I would be interested in a guest blog post – you can email me at carolann@roamingrv.com and speak to me directly. Thanks for connecting.
      Carol Ann

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