Saskatchewan residency laws for snowbirds


Saskatchewan snowbirds and travelers – your government is being realistic!

I just received word on Saskatchewan residency laws and rules for travellers (I’m not sure when these were changed but they are much more realistic and straight forward. Below is what I copied from their website.

Who is considered a Saskatchewan resident?

For the purposes of vehicle registration eligibility, an individual is a Saskatchewan resident when they:

  • own, rent or lease an accommodation in Saskatchewan where they normally reside, or reside with an immediate family member who is a Saskatchewan resident;
  • file income tax in Saskatchewan (if required). If the individual has not lived in Saskatchewan long enough to file a personal income tax return, provides satisfactory evidence that he or she normally resides in Saskatchewan; and
  • do not hold a driver’s licence from a jurisdiction other than Saskatchewan.

An individual who normally resides in a temporary residence in Saskatchewan may also qualify for Saskatchewan vehicle registration. Temporary accommodations include:

  • lodging provided by an employer, including motels, hotels and work camps
  • dormitories
  • any other temporary accommodation (approved by SGI)

A person who normally resides in a temporary residence in Saskatchewan, files Saskatchewan income tax (if required) and does not hold a driver’s licence from another jurisdiction is eligible for Saskatchewan vehicle registration.

How do I prove I’m a resident of Saskatchewan?

Customers may be required to make a residency declaration when they register their vehicle. We may need specific documents to prove Saskatchewan residency in the event of an insurance claim. This may include providing documents such as rental/lease agreements, banking records, cellphone records and proof of income tax.

Non-resident vehicle registrations and out-of-province use

An individual who is not a Saskatchewan resident may be able to register a vehicle for use in Saskatchewan, but use of the vehicle outside the province is limited to no more than 30 days in a calendar year, regardless of who is operating the vehicle.

For example, an out-of-province resident owns a cabin in Saskatchewan and has a Saskatchewan-registered vehicle that remains in the province. If that vehicle happens to leave Saskatchewan, use outside the province is limited to no more than 30 days in a calendar year.

A non-resident must comply with the requirements of the host jurisdiction while operating out of province. While SGI is willing to provide insurance coverage for up to 30 days in a calendar year, failure to abide by the registration requirements of the host jurisdiction may result in a fine or other penalties.

Personal use of vehicle

Extended absences include people who travel outside of the province for more than 30 consecutive days for vacation or other purposes (e.g., snowbirds). Saskatchewan residents are permitted to use their Saskatchewan driver’s licence and operate a Saskatchewan registered vehicle while out of the province on an extended vacation. The vehicle is not required to return to Saskatchewan.

Please note:

  • The owner/operator of the vehicle may own a residence in another jurisdiction, provided they maintain their Saskatchewan residence.
  • The owner/operator can be employed while away on vacation.
  • Insurance coverage is limited to Canada and the United States.

Full-time travellers

Full-time travellers who no longer have a Saskatchewan residence may be eligible to continue to use their Saskatchewan registration provided they:

  • do not have a permanent address anywhere in North America;
  • most recently lived in a permanent residence in Saskatchewan;
  • maintain a mailing address in Saskatchewan;
  • continue to file income tax in Saskatchewan; and
  • do not hold a driver’s licence from a jurisdiction other than Saskatchewan.

For more information

If you want more detailed information on the residency requirements for Saskatchewan driver’s licences, vehicle registration and vehicle use, please talk to any motor licence issuer or call our Customer Service Centre at 1-800-667-9868.  Visit their website.


Thanks to Lisa, a resident of Saskatchewan who brought this to my attention.  Comments anyone?

Safe travels,

Carol Ann


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  1. This is good news. Thanks Carol Anne, hope your doing well.

    1. Hi Katie, nice to hear from you. Yes, I agree this is very good news! Yes to your question I am doing just fine – thanks for asking Have you recovered from your big journey?
      Take care

      1. Just saw your response CA, as I’m sure you’ve likely seen we returned from the UK and now are replacing the roof of the RV. Fun times, fun times….. I was just refreshing on the SK stuff because we have finally agreed to sell this place so I am researching where to go next. We have it narrowed down to BC AB or ON but as we are both from SK thought I’d check it again.

        1. Hi Katie,
          It’s always nice to hear from you and I love it when you share your plans – it gets exciting and fun. Preparing and researching is part of the excitement! Take care.

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