Solo RVers – you don’t need to be alone


Solo RVers – connect with other RVers

solo Sometimes it feels like we are all living in a vacuum – and not just solo RVers.  For example I am fascinated by the RV Lifestyle and the people who choose to live this way.  However, there are times when I really wonder if I am actually part of the community and that’s because I haven’t spoken with any RVers recently or have neglected updating my blog or videos. This may be due to other circumstances such as work, family, etc. but then I get online and start reading blogs or connecting with people via social networking sites and it rejuvenates me into believing it is possible and the right thing to do. I realise there are others out there with similar interests and people I have things in common with.

I receive a lot of emails and questions from solo RVers or singles who wish to meet people and are concerned about being alone on the road and are concerned that they will be lonely or find the lifestyle difficult. Those worries are very valid and shouldn’t be ignored. I also know there are people with low self esteem, are shy or aren’t comfortable in a social setting. That doesn’t mean they can’t meet people or have to be lonely. I also know it isn’t always as easy as we try to make it sound. Sometimes it just takes making the first step and doors start opening.

Join RV Social Networking Sites

There are hundreds of social networking sites or blogs that cater to RVers and even more specifically solo RVers. Get online and look for them. Do google searches for RV Blogs, RV Groups, RV membership, solo RVers, and everything else that may interest you relating to both RVing and any other topic you like. This may include cooking, recreation, photography, writing, rock climbing, star gazing, bird watching, living frugally, and anything else you may find interesting.

Connecting with other RVers and not just solo RVers is just as important – they are a very social group and I have always found that RVers are mostly friendly and willing to share information and smiles.

Don’t give up – there are other solo RVers who are looking for you

Remember there are other solo RVers who are searching for others with similar interests so reach out and take a chance in speaking or connecting with others – they may be just as happy to make new friends.  Remember it’s probably not about looking for a partner or finding a mate – I think it’s more important to connect and make friends with people of similar interests. 


5 thoughts on “Solo RVers – you don’t need to be alone”

  1. Buddy Moriarty

    I’m 71 and single, going to start traveling a little, but I’m concerned about doing this by myself, I would like to fine someone who has experience, and that I could depend on in case of emergencies and etc, But don’t know where to start to fine someone

    1. Hi Buddy,

      I would start with the clubs I mentioned in my blog post – reach out to them and see if they are having any get togethers you can attend. There are thousands of solo travelers and I know they would help you with information. Try my blog posts to start with and see how you do. Let me know and I’ll see what else I can come up with.

  2. What an interesting and personal interpretation of the RV lifestyle. I think sometimes we forget about the details and how many other people could be out there that we aren’t connected to. I don’t think it matters if you lose touch on occasion or regress into your own life and travels. Coming back and making a reach out from time to time is somewhat a traveling lifestyle is all about. Good luck and happy travels.

  3. Terry

    Thank you Carol for your information ! I am in the process of buying a RV and wanted to join a club. Your suggestions were helpful however I was unable to find Could you send me the exact webb address? I am a 67 yr. old female traveling alone from eastern North Carolina, USA.

    Thank you,
    Terry Nicholas

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