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Jobs for full-time RVers ~ Become an Online Virtual Assistant

This is an opportune time for anyone who wishes to get into the very high-in-demand industry as a Virtual Assistant and become self-employed using their administrative skills. Not that it’s going to be easy but with good research material and hard work anyone who wants to can start a Virtual Assistant Business.

Our current economy has forced many businesses to economize and reduce staff. This doesn’t mean the work doesn’t still need to be done. The big question business owners ask when faced with this dilemma is “How am I supposed to operate my business and look after everything else at the same time?” Hire a VA~ that is the best answer.

If a person is serious about being a VA and self-employment it can be overwhelming ~ more than it needs to be. Do your research, take courses, attend workshops, network with other VAs, join forums and take lots of notes. All of that information will come in handy and become a template to follow when a person is ready to make the next step of actually starting their own Business.

Virtual Assistants are not Secretaries

It’s not a secretarial service. A virtual Assistant is a self-employed business owner providing a needed service to other business owners. When your clients succeed ~ you succeed! It’s a win – win situation for everyone.”

What services can your VA Business offer?

Stressed out about what virtual assistant services you can offer your clients? If you are starting a home business as a Virtual Assistant then these top 10 virtual assistant services should be on your list of services provided.

1. Word processing. The majority of Virtual Assistants offer this service to their clients. It is the one service that is used by the most businesses. This work usually includes correspondence, reports, manuals and memos. Most VA’s already have a good word processing program such as MSOffice on their computer to be able to provide this service.

2. Writing. This service can encompass many aspects of the written word which includes technical or business writing. Resume writing, newsletters, press releases, business plans, manuals, articles, blogs and web page content are just a few of the things that can be accomplished by a creative writer. Not only is this a service utilized by many different types of businesses it can also be beneficial to the Virtual Assistant themselves by increasing their own exposure to their target market.

3. Desktop Publishing. By being creative a VA can design business cards, newsletters, brochures, product labels, training manuals and flyers.

4. Bookkeeping. This is a specialized service and appears to be in high demand but requires a certain level of competency and should only be done by experienced bookkeepers. However, I have noticed that anyone who is skilled in bookkeeping usually has a full list of clients.

5. Transcription. By using different types of transcription machines this service is used by both the medical and legal fields. Writers can be an excellent source of business since many speak into a tape recorder with their material and then need it to be transcribed prior to submission to editors. Seminar Speakers may need to have their classroom tapes made into eBooks and written training material.

6. Event / Meeting Planning. If you are a natural organizer then consider providing this service. It can include organizing a meeting comprising of finding a location, arranging for food, beverages and technical equipment. This may also include making transportation and accommodation arrangements and co-ordination of absolutely everything pertaining to the event to ensure its success. This service may include parties and weddings.

7. Website Designer. The designing of a website, blog setup and ongoing maintenance is handled by website designers. Everyone should have a website but not all have the capability or time to take care of one. By packaging a website service with ongoing support and search engine optimization good designers should be kept fairly busy.

8. Social Media Marketing. This is a fairly new service provided by Virtual Assistants and seems to be in high demand since marketing via social media sites like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are becoming common marketing tools to most businesses. Not everyone has the capability or time to handle it. A Social Media Specialist can provide different packages to their clients both online and locally.

9. Internet Marketing / service support. This is a very broad subject that may include development of sites adding shopping cart capabilities, email maintenance and online marketing campaigns. Campaigns that include article marketing, blogging, SEO, trackbacks, and monitoring forums. This service ties can be tied in with Social Media Marketing. 

10. Concierge Service. Arranging dinner reservations, travel and transportation, tickets, and gift buying are just a few of services that can be offered. I have even known these service providers to pack their clients suitcases, buy their groceries, pick up the dry cleaning and arrange newspaper delivery. Unlimited potential for someone who likes to be kept busy.

Many administrative assistants who wish to become a Virtual Assistant do not always understand that their services can be much more than just word processing. By using their skills and work experience and by taking advantage of available courses there are many services they can offer – even more than the top 10 Virtual Assistant Services I have listed above. All the best,

Carol Ann

PS:  I believe in their courses. I have taken a number of them to enhance my own business and highly recommend them. Their courses are completely relevant for anyone wanting to start an online Virtual Assistant Business – something that can be operated from anywhere – even from an RV!  Click here.

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