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ID-100216408Roadside assistance for RVers is important – even if you never have to use it. Having an insurance policy even just gives you peace of mind.  First of all I have to say I have been a CAA member for 25+ years but am really questioning whether I should continue with it for our RV Roadside coverage.  Some of the people I have been speaking with say that Good Sam Roadside Assistance is excellent so I thought maybe I should do some comparisons and see which company provides better or more service for RV coverage.

CAA Basic does not cover RVs

First of all CAA Basic plan doesn’t cover RVs so we have to go to the CAA Plus Plan which costs $124.20 CAD (remember I am in Canada) I just picked some of the main points for comparison sake but if you go with either company make sure you research them thoroughly to ensure you get the coverage you need.

CAA Plus (in BC it’s BCAA)

Number of Emergency Roadside Calls                                     6

Tow                                                                                     Up to 160 kms free or to nearest garage

Deliver Gas                                                                           Free – up to 10L

Locksmith                                                                             Up to $100

Roadtrip Interruption                                                             Up to $500

RV Coverage                                                                         Optional for additional $19.05

Additional Associate Membership Pricing                                  $88


BCAA(as per their Website)

Policy features
Coverage anywhere in Canada and continental U.S.
Replacement Cost Coverage on units that are ten years old or newer (in the event of a total loss and you’ve insured to 80% or more of its replacement value).
Emergency Vacation Expense Allowance: includes towing and storage to a maximum of $150 per day, and $1500 in total, so your vacation can continue uninterrupted.
Automatic coverage for a newly acquired RV: if you sell your current RV and buy a new one, your new RV is covered up to 30 days.
24-hour emergency claims service.

Good Sam Standard Package for $79.95 (US) per year

RV coverage                                                                                                     Included

Spouse and dependent children                                                                          Included

RV Mobile Mechanical Dispatch                                                                           Included

Unlimited Distance Towing to the Nearest Service Center (US & Canada)               Included

Trip Interruption Service                                                                                   $1500


Good Sam (as per their website) ~ Every Vehicle Covered Under One Plan

With Good Sam Roadside Assistance, you are protected while driving all your owned RV and all your autos with one simple plan. It’s easy to get the help you need, by a provider you can trust. You’re covered while driving the following:

1 Recreational Vehicle (RVs):
Self-contained Motorhomes
Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers
Pop-up Camping Trailers
Non-Recreational Vehicles:
Pick-ups, SUVs
Boat Trailers
Your Family Is Covered, Too ~ Everyone in your family, including your spouse, domestic partner and dependent children under 25, are automatically included in your plan-at no additional cost.

Friends of ours have used Good Sam for their RV coverage and were extremely happy with the service they received. Read more about their experience here.

Conclusion on comparison between CAA and Good Sam Roadside Assistance

It appears to me that Good Sam basic offers much more than CAA Plus package for cost as well as benefits. I couldn’t find how many tows per year are allowed by Good Sam while CAA Plus provides six tows a year. RV Coverage with CAA costs extra and extra family members cost $88 while Good Sam does not charge for additional family members. I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about this or do you recommend something else for your RV Roadside Assistance?
Good Sam Roadside Assistance - New Member

Happy travels,

Carol Ann

PS:  Have you checked out Camping World recently?  They have weekend 48 hour sales just for online sales. Worth checking out.



Compare Good Sam & CAA Roadside Assistance — 8 Comments

  1. Dennis Miller on said:

    Just had s flat on a travel trailer in bakersfield california. Called around 3pm and it would have been 10 pm. This after several calls and with a good spare. All I needed was one tire change. Called a tires service(Les Schwab?) and was done in just over an hour. Good Ssm not good any more

  2. Tigger on said:

    I use to have CAA in the 90’s before i had a cell phone. When I called for a flat tire on my trailer they would not come because the trailer wasn’t covered on my plan (which I didn’t realize). They would not dispatch anyone even if I paid, and they would not even give me a number for a local tow truck. They hung up and left me stranded, oh and in the rain. Needless to say I dropped them and went with Good Sam ERA.
    My wife called Good Sam’s for a dead battery, in my lane way. She asked to tow the truck to the garage for her, and they wanted to tow to a garage close by. She asked to tow to a different garage across town, and that was absolutely not a problem.

  3. I’m surprised that CAA does not cover RVs. I thought this company had a wide range of coverage plans. Yes, it’s true big vehicle like RVs can be a challenge to tow, but with the right people there shouldn’t be a problem. Good sam, on the other hand, has a good plan behind them and it costs less too! Looks like somebody has a good competition. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Bob – yes CAA does cover motorhomes but their coverage does not appear to be as good as Good Sam. Thanks.

  4. Paul A. Blough on said:

    I had all battery’s die over the winter, I called Good Sam’s they had me towed to a dealer for other repairs. No questions ask, no problem, tow was there in 45 min. Another time in Ct, our starter quit working, I call Good Sam’s, they sent a person to fix the starter, could not be fix, had to buy a new one, price very reasonable. Good Sam’s work just like the website said. I don’t know how anyone could asked to be treated any nicer or better. I will be with Good Sam’s as long as we are on the road. Great company.

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