Boondocking:  Camping without amenities

Boondocking:  Camping or parking without amenities and services, usually in the wild or off-the-grid. Quite often when people say they have been boondocking it can mean they were out in the forest camping or it can mean they parked in a shopping center parking lot. Basically the RVers stay in their self-contained unit without needing or wanting to stay in a campground. The idea is parking for free.

Boondockers Welcome


And then there`s ~ Boondockers Welcome ~ which describes boondocking in a totally different way. I recently found this membership site that RVers can join to “boondock” and spend the night parked on private properties all over North America and be welcomed by thousands of fellow RVers. On this web site you can contact people from all corners of the world who love RVing, boondocking, and traveling on a budget.
Boondockers Welcome - Be My Guest RV Parking

Marianne Edwards, a Canadian from Ontario who always welcomed fellow RVers to their home to spend the night said it occurred to her that establishing a network of like-minded RVers would be a great idea. Her daughter helps her with the technical side of the membership but it’s all about creating lasting friendships and driveway-parking invitations between RVers across North America. What a great way to meet and connect with other RVers along almost any route you may be traveling.

How Does It Work?

You scan through the listings on “Boondockers Welcome” by area and, if you have a route planned, zero in on available boondocking nearby. You then search to see if your chosen location is available, check out the comments and references from other RVers and if you are a member you can then make contact with fellow members. All messaging is done securely through the website. Both guests and hosts should expect to be “non-imposing.”Boondockers Welcome – Be My Guest RV Parking

Become a Host

Even if you don’t have enough room for a large RV you may have parking for an extra car and enough room for a small RV – a Class B or maybe a truck and camper. Even if you can’t become a Host you can still benefit by having this membership and enjoy the hospitality of other member’s properties.

Some of the Benefits of joining Boondockers Welcome

  • Access to all member profiles and boondocking location listings
  • Secure messaging between members only
  • Email alerts when a member sends you a message
  • You decide if, when, and how often you can host other RVers
  • Bookmark members who have boondocking you’re interested in
  • Annual cost is less than one night in a campground
  • A discounted membership for those who offer overnight RV parking on their property


What a fabulous idea Boondockers Welcome is!  What better way to learn about an unfamiliar area than from one of the locals?  Or know you have a safe place to park over night without having to go into a campground with services and amenities you don’t need. Click on the banner below and check it out for yourself. I think it’s a gold mine for RVers who appreciate meeting other RVers and are traveling across the country in search of some interesting experiences


Boondockers Welcome - Be My Guest RV Parking

Happy travels everyone,

Carol Ann

2 thoughts on “Boondocking”

  1. Sue, I am camped right now with three other solo women and there was aenhtor one here last week. Although we don’t have fancy Casitas, we are enjoying the lifestyle. One younger gal is just getting started solar panels went up yesterday. She lost her job and then lost her condo so decided to go camping. Now that she has met other like-minded people, she wants to remain on the road. Another gal has been living off grid overseas for the better part of the last seven years, but got homesick. She has just joined the tribe and is considering how best to get set up for herself. A third is a retired nurse also travelling with two dogs, all that in a small van but she is making it work. She has a portable solar panel to sit outside the van and it mets her small electrical needs. The gal who left last week is a widow of four years and just needed to get away and the RTR group found her out here and took her into the fold. She is also a retired trauma nurse and after meeting us, has decided to go back home and sell her house. So, I’m sure they would all love to meet you if you come to Q this winter. I’ve camped over there where you are in a big bad windstorm could not see 2 feet away from the van.

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