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Full-timers need a home base


Why do full-time RVers need a home base?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Canadian full-timer or an American RVer there’s definitely a need to establish a legal residency in the state or province of your choice. Some of the reasons why you need a home base are related to taxes, driver’s licences and medical.  The book listed below from Amazon will assist American RVers with choosing which state is the best to serve their purposes.

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Canadians have to consider their provincial laws and for the most part they must reside within their province for approximately six months of the year and have a physical address for the purpose of their medical and driver’s licences.

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What can work as a home-base for Canadian full-timers?

A piece of property or your house.  For many full-time RVers they must sell their home prior to buying their RV and when they do this they no longer have a legal residence so they must come up with an alternative. If you are one of the fortunate ones who can keep your home and either rent it out or live in it part time then you are probably in the minority. For those who sell their houses there are options and I have listed them below.

Condo or apartment. Purchasing a condo or an apartment usually is less costly than owning a house and may be answer. Or, a person can rent a small apartment and use it to store the things they couldn’t part with when they downsized. It can serve two purposes – provide a home base and storage. It also is a place a person can stay at during the months they are in their home province.

RV Strata Lots. There are many RV developments being built for the purpose of providing a home base to RVers.  In most cases you own your lot within the development and pay a monthly or yearly maintenance fee.  It provides a place to park your RV during the months you spend within the province and also can be a place to put a park model if the need or choice is made to stop being a full-timer. Some developments allow you to rent your site out when you aren’t using it.

RV Parks.  There are many private RV Parks that will allow you to lease a spot year round or will guarantee you a spot for the months needed.  They may receive your mail and can be used as a permanent residence. You can return each year after spending your winters down south if that’s what you choose to do.

Renting a room or suite in a family members home. I know of full-time RVers in Canada who rent a room or suite in their kids house and they pay them rent.

Providing Proof of residency

You must be able to prove your residency if questioned. This is not only for the purpose of your driver’s licence or medical because you may be asked to prove where you live when crossing the border between Canada and the US so have receipts, etc with you just in case.

Your mailing address and your physical address do not need to be the same. It’s okay to receive your mail at a post office box or mailing service who will hold it for you or forward it to wherever you like. There is a fee for the service but it’s worth it rather than bothering a family member or friend.

You may be able to sneak under the radar for awhile and not actually have a home base but if something should happen and you need it in an emergency it wouldn’t be very good if your medical or driver’s licence was refused. It’s better to have a legal home base and keep everything legit. Each persons situation is different and therefore the answer to the question of having a home base may be totally different than other full-time RVers. Do what is best for you and what you are most comfortable with.

Do you have any other suggestions we can pass on or are there other things that need to be considered? Comment below and share with everyone please.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann

5 thoughts on “Full-timers need a home base”

  1. Liz MacDougall

    This is great info. As I am taking early retirement in about 8 months, due to physical issues and other (read fed up!) I am looking on how to travel about for most of the year in a converted small cargo van. My issue, other than some physical limitations, is that the prices of rent (Toronto) have gone through the roof and I cannot really afford to do both (rent an apartment, then pay all the fees, etc., regarding travel and camping or whatever). The options you provided are well worth looking into. Thanks, LIZ

    1. You are so welcome. It’s difficult for most people to have a home base and a full time RV lifestyle. Sometimes we have to make hard choices that work for you and may not be the choice others make. I wish you well with your plans. Please stay in touch. I would love to hear how your plans are developing.

    2. Matthias Langlois

      Would something like be appropriate as a virtual home base?

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