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How do Solo RVers meet people?

Solo RVers do not need to be lonely.

Focus on your hobbies and interests to meet other RVers when traveling Solo

When an RVer suddenly finds himself or herself alone it can be overwhelming in so many ways and the thought of RVing without your significant other may seem impossible.  It doesn’t have to be, although some say they feel like fifth wheels when in groups made up of couples.RVing along the Pacific Ocean

Many single RVers belong to RV clubs for singles which is an excellent idea and may lead to finding new travel partners or others with the same interests. By joining these groups the single RVer will have a special network of support they can turn to when they have any questions.

However, rather than limiting yourself to just clubs for singles, why not focus instead on what you like to do or participate in and find other RVers who like the same thing.  If a person gets busy doing things they enjoy they may find that being single is not an issue.

There are sub groups in many clubs whose focus is on amateur radio, computers, four-wheeling, genealogy, geocaching, writing, bird watching, prospecting and metal detecting, quilting, rock collecting, square dancing, sewing, workamping, volunteering, and even wood carving. There seems to be a group for almost every topic possible.


Volunteering your time on a worthwhile project not only gives you a purpose it gives you an opportunity to become involved with a group of people in a common cause. Habitat for Humanity builds homes for people in need and there are many RVers who can swing a hammer or do what they can while volunteering.

Square Dancing

Almost every city or town has a square dance club and visitors are always welcome.  By doing a search for square dancing on Google should lead to a number of resources.  If you plan on being in an area for a time, contact the local club and see if you can join them while you are there.

Outdoor Recreation

If you love the outdoors you are not alone. There are thousands of others who would love to take a hiking trip, catch a fish, and kayak a river, plan a four wheeling adventure or find a rare bird. By belonging to a RV Club you can send out a request for information from the group or ask if others are interested in joining you or possibly meet up with you along the way.

Rather than limiting yourself to just RVers turn your search towards the activities and as an example if your plans include taking your RV to Alaska next summer contact the Chamber of Commerce, tourist bureau or community recreation centres for events you can attend or join while there.


An outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices, geocaching can be a lot of fun and involves people from all over the world. It can give an RVer a purpose to their travels and allow them to meet others who enjoy searching for treasures.

Don’t give up RVing

I have had the opportunity of speaking with a couple of RVers who recently lost their partners and don’t want to give up their RV travels. Their lives have been turned upside down and are unsure of what changes they need to make to continue traveling happily.

By focusing on the destination and pre-planning, RVing does not have to be lonely.  Get involved, take a chance and by acknowledging that it will take some work on your part RVing can continue to be something to look forward to whether you are by yourself or with a partner.

SOLO clubs

http://www.lonersonwheels.com/ Has 50 Regional Chapters in the US and Canada. This club has been active since 1969 with rallies, campouts, caravanning and lots of support for its members.

http://www.escapees.com/solos/ You must be a member of Escapees to join their very active solo group but for anyone who wants to connect with other active RVers this might be something to be considered.

http://www.rvingwomen.org This club has 16 chapters with women from both Canada and the US as members. It doesn’t matter whether you own an RV or are just dreaming of having one this group offers support and friendship to its thousands of women members.

http://www.rvsingles.org/ Wandering Individuals Inc.

RV Clubs

http://www.explorerrvclub.com Explorer RV Club ~ Canadian

http://www.rvoabc.org/ RV Owners Association of British Columbia

http://www.goodsamclub.com/ Good Sam Club

http://www.escapees.com/ Escapees

http://www.fmca.com/ Family Motor Coach Association

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell

20 thoughts on “How do Solo RVers meet people?”

  1. Sandra

    I am not sure how this works. Just turned 60 but a young 60. Still hike, fish, set back relax , share a drink with new friends. Lost my husband And RV and now alone. Wanting to continue to travel and explore . How do I begin life again?

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I have sent you a personal email – I am so sorry for your loss.

      Please take care.


    2. Hi Sandra , it’s really hard to find a great friend to travel or caravan with , I’ve pretty much given up , seems like it’s hard to find friends at this age , platonic and just wanting to skip around looking a all the places in nature . I’m in Alabama. Have you had any good leads yet ? Would love to hear more . Stay safe and blessed , Old gal Sami ..

  2. Tommy Spelman

    I’m wanting to go to state parks and camp in my RV. Just want someone to be my co-pilot and cuddle buddy.

  3. Evagoblog

    Hi Carol,

    Great column, I have (as you can see) posted a reply to people looking for a companion, the problem with some of these solo RV/website clubs is that you have to be a paid member (I guess) to post something on the forums if you are looking for someone, at this time I do NOT have an RV, but once I do (or part of one) thinking of getting either a camper for a truck or trailer and going with someone who has either a truck or car, I have not problem with paying for a membership. Sam’s club does not seem to require that so will post something on there and post here to see if I can on the others.

    1. Evagoblog

      I did reply to others posting looking for a companion but it has not posted yet, did I do something wrong, I posted a URL for a site where people can private message as I did not want to put my personal email and phone here, could that be the problem?

      1. Evagoblog

        I tried to repost my replies for those who are looking for a companion as it is not showing up here and it said it was posted already but it does not show up, maybe because it is the same message posted to everyone or I posted a URL. Since I do not want to expose my private email on here, I had suggested that those looking for a traveling companion contact me through travel-buddies website (perhaps putting the URL blocked me from posting this so it can be googled) and after private messaging we can exchange emails and private email addresses, I am not a shill for them and it costs nothing to join but if this is not allowed, I can give my spam email address which I do not prefer to give out as I may get more spam and difficult to find responses to my request here.

      2. You didn’t do anything wrong – it’s been my delaying. My apologies. If you ever want to contact me directly send me an email to carolann@roamingrv.com and I will get back to you asap.

        Thanks so much.
        Carol Ann

    2. Thanks so much. I am working on a list of clubs, etc that solo RVers can either join or research – it’s so difficult for some people to connect and we need a safe way for you and others in your position to do so. I’ll post a link to it on this page when it’s ready. It won’t be long.


  4. Teresa

    I am single wanting to travel.very much so!

      1. I have to recommend that if you do contact someone online please be very careful with your personal information until you are satisfied they are who they say they are. Take care.

  5. Jack eichmann

    Hello all
    I am just getting started in RVing. Single retired and looking for companionship to exploring America.

    1. Hi Jack, I’ll post this on our site – hopefully someone will respond with some suggestions. I can’t stress enough that it helps to join groups of interest to yourself such as solo RV clubs, etc. Wish you well with your plans.
      Carol Ann

    2. Diane Davis

      I am also wanting to try the rv traveling, looks like fun

  6. Jimmy

    I am looking for a lady to travel with I’ve been single for 4 years we was married for 5 0

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