RVShare vs Outdoorsy: Which is Better?


Are you wondering which RV rental company is best? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect getaway, or maybe you’d like to make some extra money from yours. But which rental service is best, RVShare or Outdoorsy?

If you love the outdoors and the idea of RVing across the country, then you’ve probably heard of these companies. They are similar to the rental-titans AirBnB in that you rent your accommodation directly from the owner, rather than the company itself. This means there is a wide range of choices available to customers, and prices can often be much cheaper, but some downsides come with them.

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between the two. We’ll also outline the pros and cons of each, answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the services, and give our thoughts on who each of them suits best.

But first, let’s take a look at the main differences between the two.

Main Differences Between RVShare vs Outdoorsy

The main differences between RVShare and Outdoorsy are;

  • Outdoorsy requires renters to pass DMV checks, whereas with RVShare the renting process is much more relaxed.
  • RVShare has an A+ rating on BBB, whereas Outdoorsy only has a B
  • RVShare has 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support, whereas with Outdoorsy this is much more limited;
  • Outdoorsy is available across the world, whereas RVShare is limited to the US.

These are some of the main differences between the two rental platforms and should be considered when looking to rent through them.

Despite the apparent differences, there are many similarities between them. For example, they both offer the ability for RVs to be delivered to a destination for customers who’d like to use one but don’t want the hassle of driving. They also benefit from offering lower prices than typical hire companies due to their AirBnB Esque business model.

Key Specifications

RVShare Outdoorsy
Delivery? Yes (additional cost) Yes
Insurance Included with booking Up to $1m
Customer support 24/7 24/7
BBB rating A+ B
Price Check here for prices Check here for prices

Exploring the Features of Both

Now that we’ve taken a look at an overview of each platform and looked at their main differences and some of the similarities, let’s take a deeper look into the features of each and how they stack up against one another.


RVShare is an excellent option for the adventurous type looking to explore the country and get hands-on with the RV lifestyle. It allows you to browse and select which RV you’d like to rent, with various options available at several different price points.

They are also a good option for existing RV owners looking to earn a little extra cash. The average RV sits unused for 360 days a year. RVShare offers a great way for you to earn a little back on your investment.

RVShare Key Features

  • Insurance included with the booking
  • No membership fees
  • 5% cashback for returning customers
  • RV can be delivered to and set up at a specific location (for an additional cost)
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • No DMV check required


There is no shortage of choice on RVShare. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of options available. It’s a widely used platform with RV owners and vacationers all over the country. The only downside here is that RVShare only currently operates in the US, so if you’re looking to road trip abroad, it may be tricky.

Due to RV owners being able to list their vehicles through the platform, there are not the same strenuous checks and balances in place that you may expect when booking through a traditional hire company. This means that what you see is not always what you get. Be sure to check all of the reviews for a vehicle you are considering hiring; you don’t want any nasty surprises upon arrival!


One of the excellent things about RVShare is that insurance is included in the price of your rental. With many hire companies, this is an optional extra that can often be expensive.

Bear in mind that the amount you are insured for depends on the shape and size of the vehicle you have hired, so make sure you know what you expect to avoid any surprise charges. What you will find, though, is that pretty much everything is covered. Even claims caused by vandalism will be paid out up to the value of $200,000 for your total peace of mind.

They don’t list which company provides the insurance, so for total security, it may be worth enquiring before you book through RVShare.

DMV Checks

Depending on which side of the business you sit, this can either be seen as a positive or a negative.

For those looking to rent an RV, then not having to pass rigorous DMV checks mean you will be able to pick your vehicle up much quicker than if you did.

On the other hand, if you are listing your Rv, then the thought of allowing strangers to drive it without any checks against things like traffic violations is scary.

All in all, it seems that if you’re looking to rent, then saving time and effort dealing with the DMV is a huge bonus. If you’re a vehicle owner, you’ll just need to be careful about who you allow renting.

Customer Feedback

This is a big part of choosing who to rent your RV through. After all, who doesn’t check the reviews these days? Having positive reviews from numerous people is paramount to any successful online business, particularly when they operate peer to peer.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has RVShare listed with an A+ rating. This rating has steadily increased over the last few years and was once much lower. Despite this positive overall rating, there are many customer complaints listed, with the company receiving just 1.8/5 when it comes to real customer reviews.

Despite these seemingly bad reviews, many of them relate to the condition of RVs themselves and the service received. As a peer-to-peer business, there is only so much blame that can be placed on RVShare themselves.

RV Delivery

If you love the idea of vacationing in an RV but don’t like the thought of having to drive one, then RVShare has the perfect solution.

For an additional cost, you have the option to have the RV delivered to a campsite of your choice and even set up before you arrive.

It’s a great compromise for those that want the RV experience, but you maybe lack the confidence to drive one if they haven’t done so before.

Roadside Assistance

What’s the worst that could happen if you do decide to rent an RV? Well, breaking down on the side of the highway would be right up there.

Thankfully RVShare offers roadside assistance. The 24/7 service covers tires, towing, energy supply delivery, battery services, lockouts, and even winching if you manage to get stuck.

When you’re driving someone else’s rig, it’s great to know that should anything go wrong, you’re just a phone call away from fixing it.


Outdoorsy is another peer-to-peer RV rental platform that prides itself on being operated by RVers, for RVers. The owners and founders were full-time RV enthusiasts and decided to turn that passion into a career. While they started off small, they have grown in recent years and now have 100+ employees.

As well as offering peer-to-peer rentals, they also offer RV owners the chance to rent out their vehicles, similar to how RVShare does.

Outdoorsy Key Features

  • 24/7 roadside assistance & customer support
  • Up to $1million insurance
  • Very easy to use and book
  • Vast selection of vehicles
  • RVs can be delivered
  • Operate across the US, Canada, UK & Australia


Outdoorsy operates in much the same way that RVShare does. It is a peer-to-peer rental platform that means owners are free to list their vehicles locally. This is great as it means there is an insanely large amount of choice available to vacationers.

As Outdoorsy is available in many locations outside the US, this makes the total amount of choice much bigger than RVShare.


Another great feature to be aware of with Outdoorsy is that their total insurance coverage per claim tops out at a cool £1m. This far surpasses the £200,000 offered by RVShare.

This will give any nervous driver greater peace of mind as the total cost of any vehicle is covered, even if it’s brand new.

DMV Checks

Unlike RVShare, Outdoorsy has strict DMV checks in place. This means that the process of hiring a vehicle can take a bit longer but provides greater peace of mind for the owner. If you are thinking of renting out your vehicle, this may appeal to you. After all, you wouldn’t want someone with multiple traffic offenses driving your pride and joy!

Customer Feedback

Currently, Outdoorsy holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This has gone up in recent years as at one point it was as low as a B. This shows the work that has gone into taking customer feedback on board and improving the services that they offer.

When we look at the actual customer reviews, we can see that they score a respectable 4.6/5. This is compared to the 1.8/5 that RVShare scores.

RV Delivery

Outdoorsy also offers the ability to have your chosen RV delivered and set up at a destination of your choice. Although this is a feature with RVShare, it’s nice to have it as a free option, so long as your chosen host agrees.

Roadside Assistance and Customer Support

Another area that Outdoorsy excels in is its customer support during your trip. They have people on hand to deal with issues 24/7 and can organize roadside assistance should you run into any difficulties.



  • Plenty of choice with thousands of vehicles to choose from
  • Lots of 5-star reviewed vehicles
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Insurance protection
  • 5% cashback offer for returning customers
  • No lengthy DMV checks when booking


  • Insurance only covers up for $200,000
  • Lack of DMV checks may put owners off listing their rigs
  • Only available in the US
  • 1.8/5 star customer reviews on BBB



  • Lots of choice in multiple countries outside of the US
  • Insurance covers up to $1million
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extensive DMV checks (pro for a rig owner)
  • RV delivery and set up service
  • 4.8/5 stars on BBB


  • The quality of RV varies
  • Can get annoying messages from RV owners if you show interest
  • Extensive checks before booking (no booking if you have any traffic violations)
  • Any repairs that are needed you will be liable for

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here we’ll take a closer look at alternative RV rental services available. There are plenty to choose from but only a few rival RVShare and Outdoorsy.

Cruise America

Cruise America is one of the main competitors to both RVShare and Outdoorsy. Although they offer a similar style of service, they are a more traditional rental company. They have multiple locations throughout the US where customers can rent an RV for their desired period.

This comes with its own set of pros and cons but provides a good alternative to the peer-to-peer model, should you be looking for one. It’s also worth noting that Cruise America also runs and operates Cruise Canada if you’re looking to vacation north of the border.


Kibbo is a new concept that offers an RV lifestyle on a more permanent basis. The idea behind the platform is that users live and work from their vans. They can stop off at what Kibbo calls their ‘clubhouses,’ and there is a real emphasis placed on the sense of community amongst other Kibbo members.

This may not be suitable for everyone, but for those able to work remotely and who are looking for a longer stint in an RV, this could be a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions About RVShare and Outdoorsy

Question: Is There a Fee for Using RVShare?

Answer: RVShare charges a service fee on top of what you pay for your rig. Like many services, this is calculated based on your booking. If you book a bigger rig for a longer period, you will pay more. They say that this helps them provide the best service possible. It’s also worth noting that in the event of an owner-initiated cancellation, you will be entitled to it back.

Question: Is There a Fee for Using Outdoorsy?

Answer: Yes, Outdoorsy charges a rate of between 5 and 20%. Like with RVShare, this is calculated based on the rig you book and how long you book for. It goes towards covering things like insurance and cleaning. The fee for owners who rent their RVs out is around 20%.

Question: Can You Cancel Bookings With RVShare or Outdoorsy?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, the terms and conditions vary depending on the platform. With RVShare, the vehicle owners have control over the cancellation policy. Make sure you check the individual listings as they can vary. The standard policy is a full refund if you cancel more than 30 days before your trip. Anything closer to the time will be subject to terms outlined by the owner.

With Outdoorsy, the situation is similar in that the vehicle owners set their own policy. There are three levels; flexible, moderate, and strict. Make sure you know the details before you book as the terms vary dramatically. For example, a flexible policy allows you to receive a partial refund up until 5 days before your trip. With a strict one that limit is 15 days.

Our Verdict: Which RV Rental Service is Right for You?

All in all, both of these platforms offer a great service for those looking to vacation in an RV. They both offer similar rates and have a good range to choose from. We would recommend browsing both and paying particular attention to the individual owner’s reviews and customer ratings. We find that they give a far more accurate picture of what you can expect once you have made a booking.

Despite them offering almost identical services and the importance being placed more on the owner’s reviews rather than the reviews of the wider company, we would still have to give Outdoorsy the edge. This boils down to the $1m total insurance cover. Although RVShare claims they have never had to pay out more than their $200,000 cap, we like the added peace of mind.

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