Full-time RVers – How many have regrets?

Why do people choose to live and travel in an RV full-time?

They have the freedom to go whenever and wherever they want to go. They untangle themselves from all the trappings of a “normal” living arrangement.

Why do people choose to live full-time in a regular house?

I believe it’s all about comfort and security and they think it’s what they should do. I have heard others say it’s a trade-off between comfort and freedom and I agree. But others may not.

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Pet Safety in your RV?

Pet Safety? Many RVers love to have their pets travel with them, myself included. When my shiatsu, Dexter was alive he loved to come with us and I didn’t like boarding him in a kennel while we were away. It wasn’t always convenient to have friends or family take care of him either. Having a pet travel with the family … Continue reading

Compare Good Sam & CAA Roadside Assistance

Hi everyone, Roadside assistance for RVers is important – even if you never have to use it. Having an insurance policy even just gives you peace of mind.  First of all I have to say I have been a CAA member for 25+ years but am really questioning whether I should continue with it for our RV Roadside coverage.  Some … Continue reading

How to RV into Mexico – the mainland.

RV into Mexico Hi everyone, Before I go any further I just wanted to say how much I love Mexico and have traveled throughout the country without any difficulty. Not recently though. I will definitely do so again but armed with current reliable information the same way that I would do when traveling to any country.  It’s just a smart … Continue reading