Finance your Motorhome and Drive Away Today

Purchasing a Motorhome?  Finance your Motorhome with knowledge. The freedom to travel from place to place with only a moment’s notice appeals to everyone, even more so when you get to remain in the comforts and privacy of your own motorhome.  Motorhomes allow you to have an increased sense of freedom while you to drive around the country not having … Continue reading

My RV Kitchen is a Mess

No Doubt about it – my RV kitchen cupboards are a disaster! I would be embarrassed if anyone came to see us and opened any of our cupboards -my RV kitchen is overloaded with things I “think I must have.”  I am all about good intentions. When we were loading the essentials into the fifth wheel I kept repeating a … Continue reading

Saskatchewan residency laws for snowbirds

Saskatchewan snowbirds and travelers – your government is being realistic! I just received word on Saskatchewan residency laws and rules for travellers (I’m not sure when these were changed but they are much more realistic and straight forward. Below is what I copied from their website. Who is considered a Saskatchewan resident? For the purposes of vehicle registration eligibility, an … Continue reading

What are the Medical Insurance restrictions for Canadian full time RVers?

How long can full time RVers leave their province? When will their medical coverage expire? One of the challenges Canadians face if they are full time RV living is ensuring they keep their medical coverage active and its important that they know what the rules are for the province that is classified as their ‘home base’. It really doesn’t make … Continue reading

The Geo Method – Maintaining RV Wastewater Tanks

RV Wastewater Tank Maintenance I recently discovered this on an RV forum and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before and am so impressed I would like to share it with everyone. Let me know what you think. The Geo Method By Charles Bruni Cabot, Arkansas U.S.A. ______________________________________ RV owners should be concerned with maintaining its wastewater tanks. … Continue reading

What is Thousand Trails?

How good are Thousand Trails Memberships? First of all I just want to clarify I am not a member – not because I don’t think it’s a good idea, but it doesn’t make sense for me right at this moment. Also, I am not affiliated with the organization and don’t receive anything if you decide to purchase. I have always … Continue reading