Physical address for Your Driver’s Licence

The need for a physical address for full time RVers in Canada I recently received an email from a woman in Canada who informed me that I was giving out incorrect information about having a physical address and had better reconsider what I was sharing. She also said some of my suggestions were silly. I really appreciated her email – … Continue reading

Casino Camping

Angel of the Winds Casino Last year we were fortunate to be able to stay at the Angel of the Winds Casino is Arlington, Washington.  We spent three days there trying our luck in the casino – no we didn’t win our fortune but we didn’t lose one either.  But what really stood out for us was the service, the … Continue reading

What are the Medical Insurance restrictions for Canadian full time RVers?

How long can full time RVers leave their province? When will their medical coverage expire? One of the challenges Canadians face if they are full time RV living is ensuring they keep their medical coverage active and its important that they know what the rules are for the province that is classified as their ‘home base’. It really doesn’t make … Continue reading

Wintering in your RV is possible!

There is no reason to think you won’t be cozy and warm if you decide to spend this winter in your RV and it doesn’t take a lot of preparation. A few things can be done to make you very comfortable since we have done it and survived I’m sure you can too. Skirting / heat tapes / insulating foam … Continue reading

The Geo Method – Maintaining RV Wastewater Tanks

RV Wastewater Tank Maintenance I recently discovered this on an RV forum and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before and am so impressed I would like to share it with everyone. Let me know what you think. The Geo Method By Charles Bruni Cabot, Arkansas U.S.A. ______________________________________ RV owners should be concerned with maintaining its wastewater tanks. … Continue reading