Changes to Crossing US Border

New information for Canadian Snowbirds Crossing the US Border! In 2014, Canada and the U.S. adopted the final phase of the Entry/Exit Initiative, which gives border officials in both countries the authority to share passport information. As of June 30, each day a Canadian spends in the U.S. is automatically recorded by the American Department of Homeland Security. Anyone remaining … Continue reading

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

 I learned something recently about Good Sam Roadside Assistance A few weeks ago I was speaking with another Canadian RVer whose RV had broken down when they were parked at a very remote campground. Their experience turned out to be a good one – which really impressed me since I know that AAA while good has certain limitations.  I asked … Continue reading

Canadian Full-timers face Challenges

Full-timing in Canada Canadian full-timers have different concerns than our neighbours to the south.  The main issue is how to have a home base for a variety of reasons including our medical, drivers licences, taxes and also for our ability to travel south into the US. Everyone tries to adapt their needs to the law and still live full-time in … Continue reading

Start an Online Virtual Assistant Business

Jobs for full-time RVers ~ Become an Online Virtual Assistant This is an opportune time for anyone who wishes to get into the very high-in-demand industry as a Virtual Assistant and become self-employed using their administrative skills. Not that it’s going to be easy but with good research material and hard work anyone who wants to can start a Virtual Assistant Business. … Continue reading

Touring Vancouver Island Series

Vancouver Island Scenic Tour As you leave Victoria enjoy the scenery of the tree-lined Malahat Drive leading you north towards even more adventures.  The spectacular views of the Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands seen from the viewpoints along the way create some memorable photo opportunities. The fresh local produce found in the farmers markets, glass blowing artisans and the perfect … Continue reading